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  • My husband and I have held "24" parties for each episode of each season, but since I am a redneck racist and a teabagger we will no longer watch as long as the tramp with all the stamps is on we will no longer be a fan, sorry Keifer.

    She has got to go, not only can she not act, she is not in any position to call people that she knows nothing about such names. As they say, it takes one to know one. She needs to keep her opinions to herself. I am not a redneck racist, I am not a redneck, and I am not a racist! I do not like the tax hikes we are facing and maybe once her pay is taxed she too, will be against higher taxas. Although she would never admit that she does not want to pay more. I sure hope she does not get anymore checks from "24" so I will want to watch it again. Get her off "24".
  • I can summarize Ms. G and her remarks in one word: RACIST.

    My response to Ms. G's unintelligent remarks this week is 'it takes one to know one'. She made some of the most racist remarks I have ever hears. Dump this loud-mouthed or '24' will collapse. I have no intention of watching '24' this next season simply due to this incident unless you plan to kill her off in the first episode. I hate to inform Ms. G, but those 'redneck tea baggers' were some of the biggest fans of '24'. I said WERE--no more baby...hasta la vista to the entire crew of '24'. It was great while it lasted.....I lived without it before I watched it, I can live without it now....
  • Garofaio's evil mouth.

    Garofaio along with Fonda, Sheen, Penn & many more have been blacklisted in our home. As much as we enjoy 24 we will not watch the show unless this ugly piece of garbage is gone. If we all make a stand against these idiots perhaps the Networks will start taking notes.
    How any one can even think for one minute that our Government was responcible for 911 & the deaths of all those people just makes me wonder if they are right in the head. The talk shows who give her air time are just as bad as she is & they are giving her a platform to spout her evil words.
  • Peaceful protest is the American way. The constitu-tion and Bill of Rights support this. Janeane Garfalo does not and has made leud and vicidious comments about the conservative, patriotic, American viewers of the show 24 who participate in these.

    I am a conservative, partriotic, American who has been an avid 24 supporter since inception. Ms. Garfalo has made leud and vicidious comments about those of us who, as I see it, are the personification of the people represented by the show 24. She has called us "racist, "communists," and "unAmercian." All this because we exhibited our consitution right to peaceful demonstration. Obviously, Ms. Garfalo does not understand the constitution or the concept of the show and the viewer base it represents.

    That being the case, I, and my "Tea Bagger" friends are uniting to boycott 24 as long as Ms. Garfalo is in the cast.
  • 24 has gone downhill with her aggressive, in-your-face, nasty personality both on-and-off the screen; it's impossible to separate the two. Who needs her venomous anger? Please dump her or we'll have to turn off our favorite show!

    24 has gone downhill due to her aggressive, in-your-face, nasty personality both on-and-off the screen; it's impossible to separate the two. Her TV character pales in comparison to her extremely public distorted reality and spewing of broken-record of curse words. No one talking at the water cooler likes her or her character. In real life she'd be fired for being such a pain in the butt. Why would the majority of us invite such visceral distain into our homes? Her acting isn't good enough to put up with her. Typically we can't wait to see the show…that's no longer the case. Please dump her or we'll be forced to dump our favorite show.
  • What a bag of hot air with no talent. She needs to go back to delivering messages on a bike in heavy traffic.

    Sorry... no, not really.. This woman, if you want to call her that, needs to pack up and get out of show business. Her character on '24' is beyond bad. She only hurts the show with her big foul mouth on talk shows where some producer is dumb enough to let her appear. Yes, this is the country of free speech; but, she abuses her rights by trying to shove the crap that comes out of her mouth about politics and her racial instigation using her place in the media. Racialism is only kept alive by people like Janeane who use it as an excuse when they can't defend the failure of a political situation. Failure in politics has nothing to do with racism; it has to do with inexperience and personal agendas. If the show '24' weren't such an entertaining series, I'd have stopped watching it as soon as I saw Ms. Garofalo on the line up. I say get rid of her!
  • Get rid of her!!! A good candidate for a unemployment check!!

    You couldn't have chosen a worst person to be in 24. She ruins it for me and my husband. Each time we see her face we cringe. If she has talent "the woods is full of it" She has to be the most vile, foul mouthed, despicable so called Hollywood "star" I've ever seen. You can tell her to keep her political views to herself. How dare for her to call thousands of American citizens racist! As far as I can tell she isn't good at anything, acting nor politics. She needs to join the ranks of the unemployment line and soon!!
  • I've been a fan of 24 since the very first episode and haven't missed one yet. Garofalos comments show her real naivety and the real world has left her behind.

    I've been a fan of 24 since the very first episode and haven't missed one yet. Garofalos comments show her real naivety and the real world has left her behind. Hey Janeane, I proudly wave my teabag high expressing my disappointment in the direction this country is heading with the decisions Congress has made over the past several years and with our newly elected President Obama. And sorry to disappoint you but I'm a single mom earning less than $40,000 a year living in the Northeast and I'm not a redneck or a racist. Wow, don't know what I'm missing! Oh, and btw I listen to Rush and your prisoner comment was immature. Hello, earth to Janeane! To Fox and Keiffer - Time to write her off or like me, you'll be writing off a lot of viewers.
  • She called me a teabag.

    I watched her interview yesterday and she called me a teabag. 24 was my favorite show. now i can't watch it because her face makes me too angry. When will actors/singers learn that they will alienate their fan base when they are insulting? I hope this costs her her career. I know it won't because that entire media agrees with her. I'm considering cutting out cable and TV all together. I need to cut costs, anyway. Why anger myself trying to be entertained by hateful people who think so badly about the people they want to make money from.
  • YUK

    I have watched 24 for many years but when I first saw Garofalo on the this fine show I said what the heck. Whoever thought that casting her in this show was a good idea should have their credentials checked. Man what a BAD choice. Besides being one bad actress she sure seems to show her ignorance when she try's to express her political ideas just the other day by calling me and many I know as rednecks and black haters. What an absolute no mind when she decides to paint over half the population of the U.S. into an something were not. You called me a lot terrible things so I guess you don't mind me saying besides your being ignorant you are a PIG.
  • Get rid of her from 24, is making the show worst, she is horrible!!!! Janeane go back to comedy!!!!

    She has no talent and any kind of serious acting, she need to go back to comedy! She is making the part on 24 that she is playing look dumb. we need Cleo back in that part. Get her out of that role, please I can't stand see her play that part. It make that part look really dumb. I guess if it ends up her being the mole, she should get caught very very very very soon! She has no talent, no talent, no talent, get her out of the show is getting me very tired. Janeane, get out of the show find a new job acting is not for you!
  • continually underwhelming

    Well, Janis was given more shots and lines this week and she continues to cause me to question why she has been allowed on the cast of this typically talented and well cast group of actors. She stands awkwardly at he side and when given a line, manages to make it look forced and less than believable. Then, waddling stiff legged and armed to sit at her desk and "tell" on her mates. Should i comment on her wardrobe ? Please tell me that she chooses her own! Please, Please give her a "mercy killing" !!
  • What I think about this character!

    I was frankly shocked when the new season started and I saw her on it. 24 is a serious show for serious actors/actresses. I am a diehard fan and I don't think her character is very believable but it may be due to her acting ability. When I heard what she said about how she didn't know how anyone could be conservative, it became apparent to me that not only could she not act but she also was lacking intelligence. Doesn't she know that a majority of 24 viewers are conservative. The show is based on the premise of conservative values. Maybe she is not as thankful as she ought to be for this opportunity. She should realize that when she gets her next paycheck. The show made a terrible decision when hiring her. Maybe before too long she will become expendable like Edgar. The only difference would be that Edgar was missed. Hopefully she is the FBI mole and Jack would have a reason to get rid of her!
  • i want to throw up everytime she is on camera...she cant act at all!!...i want her off the show!!! she is horrible horrible horrible... its a sad world we live in where she makes money being so bad on a good show... am i the only one that feels this way?

    i want to throw up everytime she is on camera...she cant act at all!!! i cant beleive that she has lasted this long...i want her off the show!!! she is horrible horrible horrible... what has this world come to when a terrible actress like that can be paid money to be this bad on a great show... am i the only one that feels this way? please get rid of her so i cant enjoy the show agian....HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE..other than that the show is great. jack bauer is better than ever. someone get rid of garofalo on the show, she is killing it
  • Possibly the worst decision on casting I have ever seen. HORRIBLE

    She is strained in trying to be a "clever" chloe. When you watch, you cringe when she is required to be on camera. There is no fluidity in the lines, no relationship with anyone else on screen. If Jack had a choice to shoot her and bury her alive, there wouldn't have been any hesitation, double tap to the back of the head.

    What I can't believe is that she was actually given press coverage before this started, as a great add on. She is obviously there to give "credence" that she doesn't agree with our current government.

    I kinda feel sorry for her, but then again I don't, bang your gone!
  • She is Never Dull!

    I have always liked Janeane Garofalo. I loved listening to her when she was on Air America Radio. I told my husband that I have a crush on her. The truth is, at times I wish I WAS Janeane. I love the way she is so outspoken and articulate. She can hold her own with anyone. (Except her dad, Carmine)

    She is entertaining on and off screen. She is a big personality.

    My icon at filmspot.com is a screen shot from Mystery Men. The skull in the bowling ball is her "dad". He helps her to fight evil. Fun Facted: her skull dad in the movie and her dad in real life are both named Carmine.