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  • My husband and I have held "24" parties for each episode of each season, but since I am a redneck racist and a teabagger we will no longer watch as long as the tramp with all the stamps is on we will no longer be a fan, sorry Keifer.

    She has got to go, not only can she not act, she is not in any position to call people that she knows nothing about such names. As they say, it takes one to know one. She needs to keep her opinions to herself. I am not a redneck racist, I am not a redneck, and I am not a racist! I do not like the tax hikes we are facing and maybe once her pay is taxed she too, will be against higher taxas. Although she would never admit that she does not want to pay more. I sure hope she does not get anymore checks from "24" so I will want to watch it again. Get her off "24".