Janel Moloney

Janel Moloney


10/3/1969, Woodland Hills, California, USA

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Janel Moloney



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Janel Maloney
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Janel Moloney, was born and raised in Woodland Hills, California.

She is the daugther of two hair-dressers named John and Judy, and has two older siblings (Lance, who is a contractor, and Meegan, an attorney) and a twin sister, called Carey, a nurse.

She studied ballet for ten…more


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    • Janel Moloney: (On Thomas Schlamme and Aaron Sorkin) It's funny because if Tommy comes into the room, or if Aaron comes into the room, you can see everyone just kind of zoom in around them, and it's not because they're our bosses. We enjoy each other. Every night we have off, all of us are out having dinner and just absolutely laughing our heads off.

    • Janel Moloney: (On Aaron Sorkin) One time I asked Aaron what he did on the weekend and he motioned like this [typing]. I didn't see this as typing, I saw this as playing the piano. So I said, "Oh Aaron, I didn't know you played the piano."

    • Janel Moloney: (On The West Wing) Maybe Donna Moss will be president. You never know.

    • Janel Moloney: (On Amber Frey and her role in 'Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution') I sort of tried to capture her essence, and I didn`t really feel like I needed a lot of interaction. And I met her fairly far into the filming of the movie. But I felt like I -- it was confirmed -- what I had been working on was confirmed by meeting her.

    • Janel Moloney: (On The West Wing) I had already worked with Tommy and Aaron on Sports Night. I actually read for C.J.'s role first. And I read for Donna and I just loved the part right away; even though it was petite, it was fully formed. The character was there. All of the elements that are there now were there just like golden nuggets in the first show. Every week after that, I would have a little bit more, and I'd see a different side of my character, and then a little bit more. It just kept expanding. And then during Christmas they asked me to join the cast as a regular member.

    • Janel Moloney: (On The West Wing) What I've always focused on from the first day is my relationship with Josh. That's all I really ever pay attention to. I think they're just absolutely mad for each other. I think it's probably something they both struggle with personally and they don't really know how to express it and they don't really want to admit that they have the feelings that they have. So they just kind of are going and working and dealing with what they have to deal with and that's about as far as they've gotten.

    • Janel Moloney: (On The West Wing) I really got interested in tango. I used to be a dancer, so I really wanted to do something that was different, and I started doing tango. And it's so good because it really makes you appreciate men in general because you'll dance with a 60-year-old 5'2' man and he's an amazing dancer and he's so sexy and fabulous, and you'll dance with some really handsome, you know, 30-year-old man, and it just doesn't really matter what they look like. It's really a wonderful thing to do.

    • Janel Moloney: (On Bradley Whitford) Well, you know, when I first started on the show, I had kind of, you know, a smaller part and my part grew and then I became a regular member of the cast. So when I was first there, my interest was doing a good job, so I couldn't be bothered with Brad, you know? But then, I just think all of a sudden, maybe the third or fourth day, I turned around and I said, "My god, he's cute!" And it's just grown since then. He's a really wonderful guy.

    • Janel Moloney: (On Bradley Whitford) If I can kiss Brad and it's allowable because we're on television, then I say, "Yes, let's get them together." But in terms of the characters, I think, you know, waiting as long as you can is better.

    • Janel Moloney: (On her career) This has been the first time I feel like I can let go of my career a little bit and whatever happens will happen, that things do work in the long run.

    • Janel Moloney: (On her high school years) There were a couple of years when I was wild - too much makeup, too much hairspray, and staying out as late as I could. But then when I became more serious about acting I kind of withdrew from the social world.

    • Janel Moloney: (On her co-star Bradley Whitford ) The first thing they should do when they start cloning people is clone Brad Whitford. I think it should be a constitutional right that all women have one. He's just a lovely guy and he's been extraordinarily kind to me.

    • Janel Moloney: (about The West Wing season seven) I doubt she will be an assistant anymore. She's kind of found her own voice. More than almost any other character on television, I think she's really grown up on the show.

    • Janel Moloney: (On meeting President Clinton) It's like meeting the biggest rock star in the world. There's all these people around, all the guards, it's sexy. I kind of jabbered and asked stupid questions and talked about myself. I figured it's the one time I'm going to sit next to the President and damned if I'm not going to say something.

    • Janel Moloney: (On Josh and Donna's relationship) It's fun that it's such a big part of the interest in the show!

  • A good actress

    Janel Moloney has to be one of my favorite actresses from the show The West Wing. She had one of the best characters on the show. She did an incredible job with poytraing the role of Donna Moss. I think that she is an amazing actress and i wish that there were more shows with her in it. I liked that she was a supporter of the Kerry campagion in the 2004 Presidental election. I really hope that she is casted in another tv seires so we can she what else she can do and to see a different side of her acting skills.moreless