Janelle Pierzina

Janelle Pierzina


1/10/1980, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Janelle Marie Pierzina



Also Known As

Janelle Perzina
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Janelle Pierzina is most widely known as a contestant on Big Brother 6 and Big Brother All-Stars, airing in 2005 and 2006, respectively. She came in third in both editions of the show.

Prior to the show, she had been a successful model, primarily in the Florida area. She…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2003, Janelle was arrested for DUI in her hometown in Minnesota.

    • Janelle was one of the twenty nominees for the Big Brother 7 all star cast.

    • Janelle's nicknames include "Janie" and "Jedi Janie."

    • According to her BB6 survey, Janelle's favorite TV shows are: Sex in The City, Big Brother, and Nip/Tuck.

    • Janelle has worked at The Mansion Night Club, which was ranked #8 in the country on E!'s top clubs in 2005.

    • Janelle was ranked #16 on the Most Fascinating Reality Stars of 2005 by Reality News Online.

    • Reality Blurred voted Janelle the sexiest reality star of 2005.

    • Janelle ranked number 5 on Reality TV Magazine's Top Ten Reality TV Stars of 2005.

    • While on BB6 Janelle started a romance with fellow cast mate Michael Donnellan, but their relationship ended before the beginning of the All-Stars season, where she started dating the winner of Big Brother 2, Will Kirby, but their relationship ended during the show.

    • Prior to the season premier of BB6, sources were speculating that Janelle's secret partner would be Beau beacause "As a model, actress, and VIP cocktail waitress, Janelle probably mingles with a lot of celebrities and famous people. Since Beau also hangs out with celebrities in Miami, it would seem probable that the two might know each other." Later it was revealed that her partner was not Beau, but Ashlea.

    • Janelle' favorite sports teams are the Minnesota Vikings, and the Miami Heat.

    • According to CBS, Janelle's hobbies include: rollerblading, shopping, going to the spa, cheerleading, and playing hockey and football.

    • At the time of BB6, Janelles favorite band was No Doubt.

    • According to CBS, Janelles favorite actors are Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro, and her favorite actress is Charlize Theron.

    • According to CBS, Janelles favorite movies are Casablanca and Gone with the Wind.

    • Janelle has modeled for a number of calendars including the 2005 SBK World Superbike Fast Dates calendar.

    • Janelle appeared in a Comedy Central show called National Lampoon's Infamous Cuisine in 2004.

    • Janelle was cast in the film Dawn of the Dead as a lesbian but her part was cut.

    • Janelle has had bit parts on TV's Passions and Son of the Beach.

    • Janelle did a Victoria's Secret fashion show with Mariah Bruna and all of the supermodels.

    • Janelle was once in an Axe deodorant commercial.

    • Janelle was born and raised in Minesota but left for LA shortly after high school.

    • Janelle was a contestant in the 2000 Miss Minnesota Pageant.

    • Janelle appeared in an episode of Street Smarts which aired on May 20, 2003.

    • Janelle was featured on an installment of Entertainment Tonight which aired on July 9, 2005.

    • Janelle appeared on an episode of The Early Show which aired on Sept. 16, 2005.

    • Janelle was featured in a 2005 episode of 101 Craziest TV Moments.

    • Janelle appeared as herself twice on the show Reality Chat, once in 2005 and again in 2006.

    • Janelle made an ucredited appearance as a cheerleader in the 2002 film Like Mike.

    • Janelle won the 2nd and 3rd America's Choice polls. The prizes for these were a phone call from prior contestant and love interest on the show Micheal Donnellan and a trip outside the Big Brother house to visit to the set of the TV show Two and a Half Men.

    • Before Big Brother Janelle was an actress and model, with most credits of her last name under the spelling "Perzina" not "Pierzina" (with the extra "i" added).

    • Janelle posed for Playboy.com under the alias Elle Brenna.

  • Quotes

    • While in the BB6 house Janelle said "I would rather he be, like, an investor or something. But I like him for him. I know he's not poor!" and "He's kinda like me. He's kinda a snob." about her new love interest and fellow cast mate Michael.

    • Near the end of BB6 Ivette tells Janelle "If there's a Big Brother All-Stars, I will totally vote you in." To which Janelle replies "Well, then I hope I'm competing with you!" The following year CBS did in fact have an all star season (BB7) where Janelle and Ivette were both candidates for the show, however, America voted on who would participate and voted in Janelle but not Ivette.

    • During a veto ceremony on BB6 Janelle said of her rival Ivette "I choose to evict, oh excuse me, I choose to nominate Ivette."

    • During BB6 Janelle won a trip to see a taping of Two and a Half Men where she told the cast "All the people that I liked are out of the house."

    • During the America's Choice vote to determine which evicted houseguest would re-enter the BB6 house, Janelle said "I don't think Eric won America's heart – didn't they see him running through the house throwing tantrums like a three-year-old?"

  • Best player in Big Brother history.

    Aside from Will Kirby, Janelle wins the best Big Brother player award in my book. The lady easily won over any fan with her struggle to win competitions, to be as honest as possible with other players and to try to outplay others. I think that she was robbed of two titles, but America loved Janelle for everything that ever was and everyone that hated her was just jealous.

    What would Big Brother 6 be without Janelle? Complete torture. What would Big Brother 7 be without her? The same thing. She proved herself again and again. She might not have won, but she'll always be a winner in my mind.moreless
  • She is so funny.

    Janelle was on Big Brother. She was on my favorite season of the show. The house was split into 2 groups basically because the "good people" (more like boring idiots, if you ask me) thought that Janelle and her people were wrong in everything they did. Unfortunately, one of the "good people" ended up winning, but more of us love Janelle and Howie and them! It was so funny seeing them scream at each other and try so hard to win Head of Household so they could nominate those people. I loved her on the show and she was very good at the game. She acted dumb so people wouldn't see her as a threat, and it worked well in the beginning. She's great.moreless