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  • Very talented swimmer!

    I think that Janet was and is a very talented swimmer. She first came to notice back in the Seoul 1988 Olympics. And also competed in 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta. For which she helped carry the torch in the Opening Ceremonies to Muhammad Ali at the end. I rememeber watching that very touching moment when she did that. Really is not just a cla*s act on the swimming front. But also seems really genuine person off it as well. She is now a motivational speaker and was at one point. Wanting to be a lawyer. Shows you she is really smart and intelligent.
  • The girl can swim and perform daring feats of circus fun!

    Janet Evans has gone from Olympic athlete to star of the new NBC show Celebrity Circus. The show starts tomorrow night, June 11th at 9:30 on NBC. I'm so totally excited and impressed that they have gotten an Olympic athlete for the show. I love all the other d-listers, especially Chris Knight (oh, Peter Brady) but this Janet Evans is a treat to watch. She really looks amazing too. I hear some of the people have gotten injured (again, Chris Knight broke his arm and Stacey Dash broke some ribs) so who wouldn't want to watch an actual dose of reality on their reality TV. I'm wondering if they will get to participate or if they will have to drop out? I guess I should do some research to figure it out. Anyway, I'll be watchiing the show tomorrow. Trained elephants and lions couldn't drag me away.