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  • I Love Janet She Rocks

    I love Janet because she's talented cool , creative and her music is upbeat too
  • I love Janet Jackson. She is the female Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson is the GREATEST.

    Janet Jackson is more than just Michael Jackson's little sister. Janet Jackson, along with her brother Michael, is the greatest performer of all times. She is truly the QUEEN, the LEGEND, the GODDESS, the DIVA, and the ICON. Janet is the female version of Michael Jackson. I think Janet Jackson is a SUPERB singer, actress, songwriter, and dancer. This lady can do it all. Janet also is the most beautiful woman on the planet. I love her smile, her voice, and all her music. She is the ultimate performer and Superstar who is also a trendsetter and a fashion icon.
  • A beautiful singer obviously famous for being a Jackson.

    Well Janet Jackson for being fourty two years old looks great. Obviously she has the money and all the other things that go along with it to continue looking good.

    Her music is a good sign of her staying power. I've listened to a couple of songs and obviously she is talented.

    There have been a lot of misses but hits to go along with it obviously having the Jackson family name helps her out.
    It's also obvious that the Jackson name after the pedophile that is Michael Jackson doesn't really much anymore like it used to. The Superbowl incident a few years ago was a lame stunt to say the least which dragged her reputation down.

    Her acting career could be summarized as average like so many other performers she's tried to make the crossovers but with lukewarm results. Her early acting career was great, her recent stuff is not so great (anytime you star in a bad Eddie Murphy movie you've reached rock bottom).

    It seems like she's wisely staying with her music career which is a smart idea. She's still as popular as ever. Obviously as well with the young audience she has the chance to get even more new fans. She looks like she's enjoying herself and unlike other performance has the brains to appreciate it. She was on Larry King Live and showed how much she's grown up.

    As long as she keeps her priorities straight she's likely to be one of the more popular Jackson names around.
  • Beautiful and talented Janet Jackson, Miss Jackson if you're nasty!

    Janet Jackson is the sister to "superstar" Michael Jackson, both have great singing talents! Eventhough I'm not exactly a fan of hers, she still has a beautiful singing voice! Her songs arre so easy to dance to! I have yet to see her acting talents, but if there anything like her singing, she's a shoe in! Janet Jackson is such a beauty too! She was a petty face, lovely hair, and a gorgous popstar body! She even stood by her brother at his hard times, so she's a good sister too. Rock on Janet Jackon, Miss Jackson is you're nasty!
  • Doesnt get the credit she deserves.

    Multi talented artist, musician, writer, actress, singer and dancer, Janet can basically do it all. She is the reason why female artists incorperate (or try to) dance in their videos. She is the true Queen of Pop.

    Many people doubt her singing abilities, but I honestly think she has a nice voice. She actually does have a very wide vocal range; just because she doesnt scream or whale in her songs does not mean she cannot sing. Her voice is very sweet and mellow, and she can hit certain notes. See "Any Time, Any Place," "Runaway" "When I Think of You" "Love Will Never Do" "I Get Lonely" "All For You" "Thats the Way Love Goes" "Enjoy" so on and so forth.

    She is extremely beautiful, another attribute about her that doesnt get recognized nearly as much as it should. She owns the more prettiest smiles to ever exist, and she has an adorable baby face. I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her overwhelming talent should be praised far more often. She's been acting ever since she was young (Good Times, Different Strokes, Fame, etc) and could do so better at that age than some adult actors. She pulled off a role that I'm sure nobody expected she could in the 1993 movie "Poetic Justice". She did an amazing job. During this time, Janet's last musical effort was Rhythm Nation, and I'm pretty sure no one saw this coming for her big screen debut--but she took the risk and excelled--unlike so many of her counterparts who go the easy way out and play singers. (Gee, talk about going outside the box there!).

    Respect Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty.
  • She really is a good singer. Even myself saying she is underrated, though, in some eyes she is overrated, and I cannot even compare her voice to some other people's voices. I mean, she is not a Beyonce or a Rihanna. She is not even a Hannah Montana! lol

    Janet Jackson. She really is a good singer. Even myself saying she is underrated, though, in some eyes she is overrated, and I cannot even compare her voice to some other people's voices. I mean, she is not a Beyonce or a Rihanna. She is not even a Hannah Montana! lol I mean, well, she IS a good singer, I'll give her that. Just not the best I've ever heard. And DEFINETELY not the prettiest I've ever seen. But even so, she is decent, and ok, even above some people. Just no where near and never will be above all.