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  • A beautiful singer obviously famous for being a Jackson.

    Well Janet Jackson for being fourty two years old looks great. Obviously she has the money and all the other things that go along with it to continue looking good.

    Her music is a good sign of her staying power. I've listened to a couple of songs and obviously she is talented.

    There have been a lot of misses but hits to go along with it obviously having the Jackson family name helps her out.
    It's also obvious that the Jackson name after the pedophile that is Michael Jackson doesn't really much anymore like it used to. The Superbowl incident a few years ago was a lame stunt to say the least which dragged her reputation down.

    Her acting career could be summarized as average like so many other performers she's tried to make the crossovers but with lukewarm results. Her early acting career was great, her recent stuff is not so great (anytime you star in a bad Eddie Murphy movie you've reached rock bottom).

    It seems like she's wisely staying with her music career which is a smart idea. She's still as popular as ever. Obviously as well with the young audience she has the chance to get even more new fans. She looks like she's enjoying herself and unlike other performance has the brains to appreciate it. She was on Larry King Live and showed how much she's grown up.

    As long as she keeps her priorities straight she's likely to be one of the more popular Jackson names around.