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  • A bad casting choice - Janet had nothing to offer this season, other than an interesting moment with a candy bar.

    Janet was never meant to be a Survivor, and was one of the poorer casting choices in the sixth season.

    As a contestant and as a person, Janet brought almost nothing to the show. Physically she was not capable of handling the conditions, mentally she was not capable of handling the game, and in terms of personality, she was not interesting enough to warrant any viewer attention.

    Janet seemed like a very nice lady. I think in real life she would have been very easy to get along with. I do believe that she was framed for the 'candy bar' incident, and I really doubt that she took it with her. Unfortunately, in a game like Survivor, whether you did or not is beside the point. When they want you out, you're already gone.

    Janet also suffered being on an all-women's tribe. As a non-threat, she would have most likely survived longer on a mixed tribe. That is how the chips fall, however, and ultimately, I am glad that she went early.