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    Janis Joplin, could easily be called a legend. Her great, deep and powerful voice, wat totally different than any other (sry grace slick).

    Janis formed a new group, oriented more toward blues and released a new album \"I Got Dem \'Ol Kozmic Blues Again, Mama\" in September of 1969. In the U.S., mixed reviews greeted the new sound but in Europe the group was welcomed with loudly enthusiastic praise. Still the anything-goes lifestyle grew with greater use of drug and alcohol to both increase the artistic creativity and to handle the tensions of coming down. Finally recognizing the problems in her life, Janis quit her drug use. She formed a third band, called Full Tilt Boogie Band, which evolved more professional popular sound. Janis felt she\'d finally found her unique style of white blues. She was never happier with her new music. While recording her next album \"Pearl,\" she chanced into using heroin again. Obtaining a dose more pure than usual, she accidentally overdosed in a motel in Los Angeles at the age of 27. Her third album was released posthumously to wide acclaim, launching the popular songs "Me and Bobby McGee" and Mercedes Benz."

    I would of gave her a 10 but her raspy voice makes me want to clear my thought out (not a good feeling)