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  • Jared has a wonderful voice with a smooth, strong quality. I thought he was a great performer and far superior than many of the contestants who stayed on American Idol.

    Hope to see him perform again. Not sure why he didnt stay on Idol, but he certainly wasnt supported by the judges. They seemed to have their own agenda, as did the producers, not giving him much airtime, etc...and I didnt believe them. But they have alot of power. I also wonder about the votes. I couldnt get through on two nights and only got busy signals. Oh well. I won't watch the show but I'll look for Jared in the future. He's great!
  • Very talented

    Jared Cotter might be good in basketball, but he is a lot better in singing. He has a really great voice that is actually way up there with the really good singers. The thing is, he might be just like those people up there. He doesn't seem to be any different. He has a great voice, but when he sings, it seems like he has this very dull vibe with his voice. His voice is really good, but this dull vibe just destroys his voice completely. I think he needs to work on being different. Jared is really talented and will be big.