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    • Jared (when asked if he thought Votefortheworst.com had anything to do with him being voted off): I don't know if it messed things up. Sundance and Antonella were nominated by Votefortheworst.com, and they got voted off. I think they need to get a handle on the Web sites that vote for people like that. Yesterday was definitely not based on votes alone. You had four contestants that were either extremely talented or in the media so much that they should have gone through.

    • Jared (when asked if he thought his song choice had something to do with his elimination): I don't have any regrets. Next week is Diana Ross week. I probably would have updated one of her songs. I was just taking a school of thought from previous winners.

    • Jared (when asked if he had any theories on why he was voted off): I honestly think it was Simon's comments over the last few weeks. My performance did not warrant going home. I'm still shocked.

    • Jared (when asked on what he thought on Randy's comments about being more original): I was doing songs where they recommend you not changing them too much. I was doing Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. I wasn't doing 311. It was a lose-lose situation for me.

    • Jared (when asked how he felt after being eliminated): I am still shocked. Honestly. It's still hard for me to swallow. I never expected to be going home this early.

    • Jared (on how he found out about Antonella's pictures): She actually ran to my room when she first heard it. We're real good friends so it was really hard to deal with because she is such a good girl and those are her own private pictures. Nobody, especially millions of people around the world were supposed to see those pictures. I told her, just let me know who it is because I will kick his butt.

    • Jared (on if he will still watch "American Idol"): I'll watch because you know we made some good friends but it's not over. I'm going to stay out here for a few more weeks. There's definitely a lot of opportunities for the both of us that have been presented to the people here at American Idol for us. We'll try to sift through them and see what's best for us.

    • Jared (when asked if it was about the numbers): Well with me it was you know I'm 6'4" and Ryan is like 5' nothing or whatever he is. I like the guy but he's short. So when I walked over to him I actually saw over his shoulder and saw the card so the whole time I was sitting there like mad but it's all right. You know I saw in big letters it said Jared, you are not in the top twelve.

    • Jared (on if he expected to be eliminated from "Idol"): Not at all. Not at all. I'm shocked even now.