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  • replace this "henry" already please !!

    im sorry.. but from the beginning this actor keeps missing the connection . he doesn't compliment the characters he is "related to' as "family " his acting is nothing short of 'a poor mundane recital" he is NEVER believable and always spoils the episode hes in. maybe if he takes some exceptional classes with actors who are really good at playing their roles he may learn something... quite frankly there are much better actors for the role of henry . i know it will help the cast to relace him. episodes he is in always lack genuineness. he is the reason the show is losing a fan base.. shame, all you do repace him and watch how the show improves !!
  • Henry saved storybook !

    Jared Gimore is my favorite TV actress on my favorite ABC channel 7 TV show once upon a time . and I would like to some day have them all on DVD some how , but I will continue to see them on TV especially every episode I have currently miss to be viewing on season 1 and season 2 thank you !