Jared Martin

Jared Martin


12/21/1943, Manhattan, New York

Birth Name

Jared Martin



Also Known As

Jarred Martin
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Jared Martin was born on December 21, 1943, in Manhattan, New York to Charles and Florence Martin. Charles Martin was a cover artist for "The New Yorker", so the arts were always an important part of the Martin household as Jared was growing up. As a youngster, Jared…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dusty Farlow, the character he played was supposed to have been killed off--dying in a plane crash but was so popular that he was brought back.

    • Jared Martin was a fine athlete in his younger days. Besides being active on several sports teams while in high school and college, he was a member of the CBS team for the Battle Of The Network Stars. Mr. Martin appeared as a representative of the series, Dallas, in his role as Dusty Farlow.

    • Jared Martin's student filmmakers in The Big Picture Alliance have made over 300 student films in the last twelve years.

    • Jared Martin has directed over thirty films in different genres over the years.

    • Jared Martin has a self-acknowledged great interest in Chinese culture. Mr. Martin became fascinated with Chinese culture when filming "Il Ragazzo dal kimono d'oro" for director Fabrizio De Angelis in Hong Kong, in 1987.

    • Jared Martin graduated from Columbia with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Art History.

    • In 2006, Jared Martin authored "Dazhengzhoa: 1000 Year Old Chinese Village". This work was a story in pictures and commentary of Mr. Martin's latest journey to China.

    • Jared Martin is the creative director of the Yu Wei Dance Collection in Philadelphia.

    • Jared Martin hosted a weekly talk-show in Philadelphia on the local PBS station.

    • Jared Martin has added educator to his list of working credits. He has taught acting classes at the University Of The Arts in Philadelphia.

    • Jared Martin is 6'3".

    • Jared Martin's nickname is "Lusty Dusty". This comes from his role as Dusty Farlow on the hit series "Dallas". Mr.Martin's Dusty Farlow character was a very serious love interest of Suellen Ewing for a time on the series.

    • Jared Martin has won several awards for his directing skills. These include directing awards from The Chicago Film Festival, Cine Eagle, The Cyndi Awards and Intercom.

    • Jared Martin has been involved in directing in the last few years. The following are a number of projects that he has directed: "Music City" a feature film, "Intervals" a dance film series, and "In Deep" a feature documentary.

    • Jared Martin has been married three times. His wives are Nancy Fales (1963-1977 and the mother of his son Christian born in 1967), Carol Vogel (1979-1984), and Yu Wei (2000-Present).

    • Jared Martin graduated from Columbia in 1965. His roommate there was future director Brian De Palma.

    • Jared Martin in his youth worked as a copy boy for "The New York Times". Mr. Martin also wrote capsule reviews for "The New York Times" Sunday Book Review Section while employed at the newspaper.

    • Jared Martin was one of the founders of The Big Picture Alliance. This is a non-profit group that introduces filmmaking to inner city children in Philadelphia.

  • Quotes

  • The man who loved Suellen on "Dallas"!

    Jared Martin should have been a much larger presence in Hollywood than he ever was. Smart, a graduate of Columbia University, and a real looker, Martin never seemed to catch on fire, even in his heyday as the love interest of Suellen Ewing on "Dallas" in the 1970's and 1980's. Martin also appeared on the science fiction series, "The Fantastic Journey". This series only lasted two months, but brought Martin to the attention of"Dallas" producers and it looked for awhile that J.R.Ewing might just lose his wife to Dusty Farlow, the son of Jock Ewing's arch-enemy Clayton Farlow. Next, Mr. Martin appeared as Dr.Harrison Blackwell on the series version of "War Of The Worlds" from 1988-1990. Jared Martin continued to guest star on a number of series up through the mid 1990's. Today, Mr.Martin is involved with "The Big Picture Alliance" in Philadelphia. He is married to Yu Wei, a classical dancer.moreless