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  • Reminds me of the great John Wayne

    I've watched Jared since Gilmore Girls, and he's grown into an even more beautiful man, husband, and father. He has many physical movements that are reminiscent of John Wayne. I hope he goes on to make many movies and get the recognition he deserves. If they do a movie about John Wayne, I hope Jared tries out for it.
  • I'm in love

    I love it, the character is awesome....
  • Huge Fan

    I love this show !!! Love Jareds emotions he puts into his character. This show hits on all what is or could happen. Not bad on the eyes either !!! (sorry) but the two men do compliment each others acting abilities!
  • Jared

    Jared is Best
  • Jared Padalecki is the best!

    Jared has been acting since the age of 18, and he was a true artist from the beginning. It's been such a pleasure watching him perfect his craft through the years, from "Gilmore Girls" to films to SPN.

    During the second half of season 8 he reached a new level of amazing, and in the finale, he truly blew me away. Jared is such an underrated actor and I truly hope that he gets more recognition for his brilliance in the future!
  • jensen and jared are the best!

    love jared and im new here and jared is a great actor too and jensen is also a great actor all of there roles are great! btw you trolls are annyoing! and dean is better too thats fact!
  • Send request until all friends are done

    i like supernatural

  • all of his shows were great

    my favorite show with him in it is supernatural, however his big break was Gilmore Girls and everytime I see him in Gilmore Girls I think he's going to kill one of them because one of the could be a demon or monster. just bad humor but fun to watch both shows.
  • LOVE OF MY LIFE.....

    The way jared desribes his dream/ideal girl is my exact personallity, makes me think why wasnt i born a few years earlier..... I love Jared. He is the most down to earth actor that i have come across thus far. I fell for him the first time i saw him on Supernatural. AWWWW love him so much....
  • You Go, Boy!

    Jared Padalecki - good actor, good-looking, good-natured. What more does anyone need to say?
  • Jared Padalecki is so sexy!

    I love Jared Padalecki he is a fantastic actor and I like watching him on supernatural. Also love watching him in movies to. Hope to see more of Jared in supernatural and movies in the future. He is one of my fav. actors. I wish him the best in the future. He seems to be a really nice and kool guy! I wish I could meet him in person. I can't wait to see him in firday the 13th. Jared is a really great actor and he does a great job playing sam winchester on supernatural. Hope he stays on supernatural.
  • Jared Padalecki Is So Hot His Always Been My Fantasy Husband. If I Could Have A Chance To Meet Him I Think I Would Probably Faint. His So Talented His So Hot And Hot What Better Words To Discribe Him But Hot Im Obsessed With Him I Think About Him 24/7!!!!

    Jared Padalecki Is So Hot His Always Been My Fantasy Husband. If I Could Have A Chance To Meet Him I Think I Would Probably Faint. His So Talented His So Hot And Hot What Better Words To Discribe Him But Hot Im Obsessed With Him I Think About Him 24/7 Hot And Heavy I Fantasize About Him Being Married With Me I Love His Work I Love Supernatural And I Love All Of His Movies All I Can Focus When I See Him Is Him Ahhh His So Hot If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I Said That Id Me A Millionare.
  • Jared is a talented actor most known for his role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural.

    You know I've always liked Jared. For one he is incredibly good looking and another he was great in what little I saw of him in Gilmore Girls (I never watched the show on a regular basis). It wasn't until I started watching Supernatural that I realized just how amazing and talented he is. I am only on season 2 of Supernatural, but already I am completely impressed by both him and Jensen Ackles (whom I will give a great review too later as well). Jared has this amazing way of making the character of Sam so believable and you really sympathize with him. The episode "Hunted" where he left Dean to go search for others like himself has probably been my favorite episode so far. Jared and Jensen have some great chemistry as well! I mean the Winchester's are definitly my favorite tv family now. I know that the show being written well has a lot to do with this, but for me the main reason this show is as great as it is, is because of how talented both Jared and Jensen are. I have not really seen any of the other roles Jared has done, but I am definitly going to try some of them out. And I would without a doubt recommend Supernatural to anyone that is look for an amazingly addicting show!
  • Jared has grow so much as an actor in the last 4 years, not that he was bad to begin with by any means.

    Jared is an awesome actor. It has been a privilege to watch him grow as an actor in the 4 years that i have been watching Supernatural. Don't get me wrong-he was awesome at the beginning of the show-but now i am just in awe of his acting. I can't wait to see him in the last two episodes of this season (season 4), his performance looks amazing-as does Jensen's (i can't leave him out, he is amazing as well)
    Hopefully next March i will get to meet him at the Supernatural LA con *fingers crossed*..he has such a great personality and not to mention he is a cutie!
  • I should said he was talented and he is. But, Original is the perfect word than just talented. = )

    The 1st time I saw him was in Supernatural season 1. Too much to late. = P

    But after that I just like his acting what ever the movie. 2nd I saw was in Gilmore Girls... too late again. heheehehe...

    then New York Minutes, Cry Wolf, ER, and House of Wax.

    I'm really late! XP

    He always played natural. Being funny and loved. Even many of his movies ... haha... I tried so hard to watch it . Horror, right? And in my family , it's only me who like him. So, I just watched it by myself.

    But he just always made me feel good after I watched him. Always made the movie overall was great. Anyway for Supernatural, I also like the series. It's horror but creative! And how each episode can be connected and it could made me feel sad when I missed one of the episode. It seems like watch HBO, right? Almost can't take your eyes to others.... = P

    Back to the point,
    When I know Jared played of one movie, I just know it sounds good to watch. = )
  • He is so cute!!!

    I just watched him in House of Wax on Friday, and let me say a wonderful actor. He does an amazing job on Supernatural, my all time favorite show in the world!!! Whenever he was in Cheaper by the Dozen, I was like oh my god, it's Sam, and I was really excited... so yup. Anyway, I hear that he's supposed to be in a Christmas movie coming out this year called Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas, and he's supposed to be Thomas Kinkade, so he has the major role, yipee for Jared! He was also the host of some MTV show called room 401 or something. My gosh, like everything that he's in is supernatural like (except for Gilmore Girls and some more). Anyways, I love Jared Padalecki and go Supernatural :o)
  • Been watching for a while.

    I first saw Jared on the Gilmore Girls and going back watching those episodes now he looks so young. He only had a small role in Gilmore Girls but he has grown into a well rounded gifted actor.

    Since starting on Supernatural with Jensen Ackles he has been able to develop his acting range. Those who have been watching the show from the beginning will have seen how the character of Sam has grown from the sensitive, caring and cautious brother to a darker more troubled soul. Watching him in Born Under a Bad Sign was freaky the way he was able to switch from the sweet, pained Sammy that we know and love to evil possessed Sam in the blink of an eye. I love the way this show has given him a chance to shine and grow and I hope that he gets the chance to do this in the movies.
  • Jared Tristan Padalecki!! So much to say here!

    Well where do i start. I kno, i love Jared Padalecki!! I have been a huge fan of jared's sence 2002. thats 6 years. i even remember the first time i saw him on tv. it was in gilmore girls season 2. i feel in love with his acting and because he was hot. but i didnt really kno much about him then so i thought he's probley a huge jerk with a big ego. i started reading about him you kno triva and quotes. he is so much different the i expected. he's honest, caring, happy alot, and he cares alot for his family and i think thats great. but over the past 6 i have learned everything there is to kno about this gorgeous man. and i must say that he is a wonderful person. thats what makes me love him so much. he's just..idk.. he's Perfect!!!
  • Uhh... I love Jared Padalecki! He is in sooo many things. He is one of the best actors!! I LOVE HIMM!

    Jared Padalecki has appeared in many things. For example Supernatural (Outstanding), House of Wax (Outstanding), Gilmore Girls (Outstanding), and many more. (those are the only i can name at the top of my head!! =) ) he is sooo hott and cuutee. I love his hair (lol). All of my friends also think he is really good looking (who can blame 'em. LOL) I strongly think Jared Padalecki should be in sooo many things. REally, he should be a BIG actor. I don't know that much about him, but I think he would be phenominal (spelling check =) ) in any big movie. So, that is what I think of Jared Padalecki (P.S. I LOVE HIM!!)
  • I love Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.

    I must admit that up until Supernatural I was unfamiliar with Jared Padalecki. I did not watch Gilmore Girls which I know he gained a lot of viewers through. From the first time I seen him on screen I was very impressed with his acting ability. I love him as Sam Winchester on Supernatural. I think he is a great actor and does evil very well. He does a great job connecting with Jensen on the show. I love seeing those two together. I was so impressed with his acting abilities I decided to watch a couple of his movies that I had not seen. I can't wait to see what is in store on Supernatural and look forward to seeing him in other movies or shows.
  • HES SO SEXY!!!

    I'm going to say for him exactly what i said for jensen ackles Hes so hot i want to marry him Hes a great actor to Id do anything with him hes so sexy i want to get in bed with him but this won't last long im just a horny 13 year old but i will always think hes SEXY not to be mean but hes the best actor ever(im only saying this because i think hes HOT)but he is the SEXIEST guy ever i absolutly luv him i like anything that hes in inless he looks ugly and is wearing weird makeup but he is so SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i say that to much!)
  • Jared is one of the best actors in the t.v. shows, he is very handsome and a talented actor around today.

    Jared is one of the tv brothers of the show supernatural, and he plays the brother Sam on the show. He plays the gentle kind hearted brother, who would rather think before he acts on the series. He has change through the years playing Sam on the show, he character has change to where he is taking more action and doing what he has to do to save his brother. The chemistry between him and Jensen can be seen on screen as well as off, there is respect and a strong bond between the two actors. They both work so well together and get alone working long hours, they even spend time off the set together and hang out.
  • Jared Padalecki, you rock!

    This is one of my favourite actors. I really liked him in Cry_Wolf. I thought he did a really good job, made it more interesting. He's the only reason I watched House Of Wax. Only watched the beginning because He was the first to die, which I think is really stupid to kill off the hottest guy first. He is a very talented and good looking actor. He seems very nice, and works good as Sam Winchester on Supernatural, my favourite show. He should be on more things! I am definatley going to go see his new movie, which comes out near Christmas I think. Finally, I'd just like to say Watch Supernatural. It is the best show ever, and plus, Jared Padalecki's in it. :D
  • i just want to say supernatural is the best show ever i cant wait for seanson three and cant wait for the mag to come out to i think jared and jensen are great actors and the show is grat and they are both so hottttttttt

    thank for all the info on both jensen and jarerd it was great i can just sit and watch supernatyral all night you just cant get bord of it i really want the 3rd seanson to be aired in the uk becuase in the us they are already watching it i just think jensen and jarerd are really talented i hope there are many seanson more to come and all the info you get on this website is great and what everyone put on is great i just want to tank evryone for what they put on and the pictures are great thans ;-]
  • From the couple of movies I've seen him in and from his acting in Supernatural, I'd have to say he is a good actor.

    Sure I know there are those fans who only see him as eye candy and nothing else. Well I'm not one of those, I see him more as a talented actor who just happens to be good looking. Because it is the talent in his acting that makes me a fan.

    I had never watched Gilmore Girls so until just a few years ago I hadn't really even heard his name. When I saw the episode of ER he was in, I really didn't pay any attention to him, cause I just though he was just another bit actor, little did I know how much of a fan I would become.

    It wasn't until I watched House of Wax for the first time that I even noticed the actor. Soon after that I saw Cry Wolf. I found him to be talented, but it seemed his skills were being under used, his characters didn't have much of a range, one was just grumpy, and the other was a preppy guy. I have to admit his character in Cheaper by the Dozen, only a bit part, wasn't all that good.

    Now, when it comes to his character, Sam Winchester, in Supernatural. He gets to shine, he gets to show off his acting skills. He is able to show a full range of emotions, he gives life to the character, and is wonderful at it. When he gets angry or sad, you can really feel for his character, and that is the true mark of a talented actor.

    I look forward to see how his career develops in the future.
  • Hmmmmm....Jared Tristan Padalecki, it has a certain ring to it doesnt it?

    Jared Padalecki eh? well for starters hes absolutely gorgeous (except for the odd moment of gay hair...) and is probably my 3rd favourite actor closely followed by Wentworth Miller mainly because of the fact that he stars in Supernatural with my absolute favourite Jensen Ackles!!! Hottie Alert!!! but im not doing this review to talk about how steaming hot Jensen is, im here to talk about the handsome Jared Padalecki who always seems to be able to capture my heart with his adorable puppy dog eyes...*day dreams*
    I think his role as Sam Winchetser suits him as he actually looks like the college boy sort who would be able to settle down happily married and have a few kids but thats not the case....instead he gets whisked away from his perfect 'apple pie' life by the sudden death of his girlfriend, Jess, and goes off with his gorgeous brother on a trip to find their dad. He looks like the type who would actually do this. Looks like weve got another rising star on our hands who is ready to step into the spotlight! Lets hope he doesnt get stage fright!
  • Jared is an amazing actor who stars in the hit show Supernatural. With all his success he still is just a great guy who loves to laugh and kid around with his friends and a big dog lover.

    Jared is one of my favorite actors on TV. He first appeared on Gilmore Girls as Dean as Rory's boyfriend. You can tell that Jared was meant for a show of his own and when I found out he was going to be on Supernatural I was so happy for him. He deserves all the recognition he has been getting. His movies which he stars in are House of Wax and Cry Wolf. He was excellent in both and it shows how much of a great actor he can be. On Supernatural, Jared plays Sam who is a hunter killing evil with his brother Dean. The two actors are great together and they make Supernatural awesome by how well they get along. With Jared's great personality and sense of humor no wonder women want to jump him every time he is in a convention. When we saw his real girlfriend in an episode of Supernatural, it was great watching them on screen yet again. It must be hard having a long distance relationship but that is what he is doing for awhile now. That shows Jared is a great guy who commits to their relationship just like the show. I wonder if Sandy has to bring a stool with her just to kiss him since he is so tall. In conclusion, Jared is an awesome actor, super guy, outstanding personality with a great sense of humor. We all love you Jared.
  • Jared Padalecki became a star playing Dean on the show "Gilmore Girls." In 2005, he joined up with actor Jensen Ackles to star in the show "Superantural" about two brothers who hunt things that go bump in the night.

    I heard of Jared Padalecki when he was on the show "Gilmore Girls," and I even watched a few epsiodes with him on it, but I was never truly introduced to the awesomeness that is Jared until he co-starred opposite Jensen Ackles in the show "Supernatural." I fell in love with the show, and subsequently with both main characters.

    Jared does a wonderful job playing Sam Winchester, the younger brother to Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). He can really bring emotion to the show, and he works well with Jensen. Both boys have awesome chemistry as brothers and that makes their family relationship that much more believable. Jared is relatively well-known, but it never hurts to be pushed farther into the stage light. I can't wait to see what he brings this season of Supernatural, and how he will progress in his acting career.
  • Talented, Handsome

    OOOHHH, I was so happy that they were giving him a show, I felt CW was starting to do things right for a change. I was happy because when he was no longer going to appear on Gilmore Girls I was wondering what he will do next and if he would just be another talented actor used and put away to do nothing so when I heard the news I was happy and happy for Jeasen Ackles who also appears with him on Supernatural because he also appeared on some show on CW I think it was Smallville and I was wondering about him to so I glad to see them together, they make a good combination and they look great doing it.
  • See the title...

    I am not a big fan of 'Supernatural.' To be honest, I don't really like it at all. But I would not hesitate to say that Jensen Ackles is a very talented, promising actor who deserves to go far. Jared Padalecki on the other hand...

    I think the following quote from another users' review pretty much hits the nail on the head:

    "Like his current "Supernatural" co-star Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki has a huge fanbase of teen and preteen girls who worship him and claim him to be inhumanly sexy and the world's best actor. That is certainly not the case. While not a terrible actor by any means, Jared is certainly not a top-notch actor. He's quite average and sometimes is even cringeworthy, although I overall like him."

    I have seen Jared 'act' in 'Supernatural', 'Gilmore Girls', 'House of Wax' and 'New York Minute' so I think I've seen enough to garner a fair opinion of him.

    He seems to either over-act, act wooden or act cringeworthy. Basically, his main problem seems to be that you can always tell that he's acting. He uses a variety of OTT facial expressions, which can really take you out of the moment. And when he shouts or yells, he uses this deep, gravelly voice that is both laughable and cringeworthy at the same time. Not only this, but there is virtually no differentiation between his characters. Apart from the early years of the aformentioned 'Gilmore Girls' he looks, sounds and acts the same in every role. To me, this is one of the tell-tale signs of a bad actor.

    The guy is good looking; that is a fact. But he's no actor. To be truthful, it could be argued the real reason he's in the biz is because of that contest he won years ago to host at the Teen Choice Awards... I highly doubt if he hadn't gotten exposure he wouldn't be acting professionally today.
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