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    • Jared: It's sort of a goofy story but, I was filming the movie called Flight of the Phoenix and we were in Africa and we were on sand roads that were just sort of you know, you follow the tracks of the car in front of you and I wasn't used to driving in sand I grew up in Texas where it's asphalt and gravel if anything but um, the car started to swerve a little so I started to try and get straight and just turned and it ended up flipping and I'm on the side of the road and it does a whole roll and it lands upright and your sort of at the second like 'Am I okay? What's going on?' and you sort of quirk your neck and you move your back and then I remembered seeing movies where you know a car crashes into something and every body's okay and then it explodes! And so I'm like 'Oh no!' so I open up my door and I run across the street and I'm like fifty feet away and I'm like, 'Thank God I'm not gonna be in there when it explodes'. I'm looking at the car and it's not exploding and it doesn't really look damaged and I realize that I just ran outta a car after flipping it and I start looking around and I'm like 'There's not sounds, there's no wind, there's no birds or trees. I'm dead!' I thought, I was sure that I was dead. I just heard some story about a guy who sees a car accident and goes up to help and sees himself inside and I was like 'That is me, I am dead I better called Set and tell them I'm dead. So I run back to the car to get my phone and I turn the car upside down which it's now used to cause it just flipped and uh, I look for the phone and I can't find the phone and I'm like 'Of course I can't find the phone I'm dead I don't need the phone why would I need the phone?