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  • A Night in Terror Tower (1)

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    S 1 : Ep 16 - 2/25/96

    While their parents are out on a business trip, the tour group Sue and Eddie visit Terror Tower, a place where the horrible things that happened during the middle ages have not ceased completely...moreless
  • A Night in Terror Tower (2)

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    S 1 : Ep 17 - 2/25/96

    Eddie and Sue continue their attempts to escape from the Lord High Executioner, but all seems lost when they are brought to the top of the tallest and darkest area of the tower...moreless
  • Franklin's Father / Franklin Plays Hockey

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    S 4 : Ep 5 -

    "Franklin's Father"

    Franklin and Mr. Turtle are waiting for Mrs. Turtle at the train stop. Her train is running a bit late. They've been playing "I Spy" and Franklin has won six in a room. But Mr. Turtle is getting a bit tired and wants a break. He reads the newspaper and Franklin tries to entertain himself. He pokes eyeholes in a portion of the newspaper and pretends to be a spy. Seeing an enemy agent with secret plans, he goes to apprehend them. But instead of apprehending them, he trips and falls. Franklin apologizes and his Dad tells him that it's no big deal, things like that happen to everyone. Franklin sits back down and starts absentmindedly tossing his trademark cap up and down and ends up tossing it so high that it gets stuck in the ceiling fan. Things like that don't happen to everyone. Mr. Turtle obtains a broom and gets down off the ceiling fan. Franklin says that he's just going to sit and think. Mr. Turtle wonders what he'll think about and Franklin says it's that he's thirsty. Mr. Turtle gives him some change to get a Fruit Frizzy from the drink machine, but Franklin loses one of the coins underneath the machine. After getting the coin, Franklin buys the drink. But it tumbles out of the machine before Franklin can catch it. Franklin goes over to open it and before Mr. Turtle can stop him, it's fizzing all over the place. Mr. Turtle stops it with his hand from getting everywhere. Franklin can't believe all this is happening to him. Then, Mr. Mole shows up. He's there to catch his train, but it hasn't arrived yet. Mr. Turtle shakes Mr. Mole's hand, but his hand is all sticky from the Fruit Fizzy. Mr. Turtle explains and Mr. Mole tells Franklin not to worry, as these things happen to everyone. In fact, he remembers a time when Mr. Turtle made a big mess in Franklin's Granny's living room. In a flashback sequence, we see Mr. Turtle trying to fly a toy airplane in the living room. Young Mr. Mole tells him it's not a good idea, but Young Mr. Turtle does it anyway and ends up breaking something. After that, they had to play outdoors. Then, there was another time when they went camping. But Young Mr. Turtle tore a hole in the top of the tent and it started raining. They had to "camp" indoors and then Mr. Turtle knocked over the tent when he rolled over in his sleep. Franklin comments that Mr. Turtle was having a day just like his. Finally, Mr. Mole has one more story, about a "strawberry ice cream" surprise. He and Mr. Turtle had just gotten ice cream, when Mr. Turtle saw a girl he was quite fond of, but too shy to talk too. Mr. Mole talked him into going to offer her some ice cream, but Mr. Turtle tripped and it ended up all over the girl. Back in the present, Mr. Mole's train arrives. Franklin asks Mr. Turtle if that girl ever talked to him again. Mr. Turtle says that she's right there and Franklin looks and sees his Mom. It was Mom that was the girl in the story. Leaving the train station, Franklin offers to take one of the bags. Franklin says that things like what happened today really do happen to everyone. Mrs. Turtle tells him that indeed they do, "if you're lucky." She hugs Mr. Turtle. Franklin doesn't quite get what this means, but he wishes they weren't walking so fast. The bag he's carrying is heavy!

    "Franklin Plays Hockey"

    Franklin, Bear, Fox and Rabbit are playing hockey, with Franklin and Bear on one team and Fox and Rabbit on the other. Franklin and Bear are leading 4-2 when Skunk and Raccoon show up and ask if they can play. So they're let into the game, Skunk on Franklin and Bear's team and Raccoon on Fox and Rabbit's (the Red Team.) Things go downhill for Franklin's team from there. Not only is Raccoon a great player, but Skunk can't play well at all. She keeps missing the puck and she can't score a goal either. Franklin's team is creamed, 12-4. At Franklin's house, Franklin and Bear feel upset about leaving Skunk without saying anything. They remember when Jackrabbit was on their team. Then, they were the beginners and had lots to learn. They decide to go find Skunk and help her. They find Skunk, but it isn't easy. She's practicing in a secluded spot because she doesn't want to be seen. She thinks if she practices enough, she could be ready by next winter. Franklin and Bear begin tutoring her. Under their guidance, she's able to steal the puck away from them when passing and then score a goal. Franklin and Bear tell her that they want her in the upcoming game on Saturday. Skunk's surprised, but says they'd better keep practicing, they've got a game coming. When the game comes, Skunk's doing a lot better. And to her pleasant surprise, she scores a goal. She thanks Franklin and Bear, for not giving up on her.moreless