Jascha Washington

Jascha Washington


6/21/1989, California, USA

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Jascha Washington


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  • Jascha Washington plays the role of Avery in Soul Food really good. He is a great actor. They should really put him in more than two episodes. He is a really cute kid but you can only see him in two episodes. He makes the show Soul Food beeter.moreless

    I think Jascha Washington plays the part of Avery in Sould Food is sooo good. He is a cute kid. I hate it that he only plays in two episodes of Soul Food. They really should put him in more episodes. I really think more people would watch the show if he were in it more. He plays really good by playing a hustler. He also plays good at being a young drug dealer. He makes it look sooo real. I just love seeing him in the show. I wish that they would finish episode 31 by adding what Bird and Lem was talking about adopting Avery. I would really like to see how that would play. I think it would be really great if they made some new episodes and put Avery in more than two episodes.moreless
  • Jascha is talented! That's all I have to say!

    Jascha is cool! He is a cuttie too. I love his a ppearance in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! Her played a funny character! He seem like a cool person to hang with. No what I mean? I mean he has a great personality! But for some reason every celeb teen I like always turn out to be either 15 yrs. old or 13!:(