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Jaslene Gonzalez


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Cha Cha Diva
  • Jaslene, Cycle 8 Winner
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Jaslene Gonzalez was a contestant on cycle 8 of Americas Next Top Model. Before being on Cycle 8 she auditioned for Cycle 7 ,but didn't make the final 13. Jaslene also won cycle 8 of Americas Next Top Model .


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    • Jaslene: Trying out for cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model) My journey to become America's Next Top Model was very, very long. The minute I found out they were having auditions last year, I drove six hours to Cleveland, Ohio, I met with the casting director, got a callback, and flew to L.A. to do the semifinals. But I only made it to top 20. I had talked about my relationship with my boyfriend during auditions, and one day the executive producer pulled me to the side and said, "Jaslene, we believe in you. We just feel that you're emotionally destroyed from your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, and we want you to get some therapy, so you can get stronger and come back."

    • Jaslene Gonzalez: Tyra Banks is an amazing person. I love her. I adore her. I appreciate everything that she has done for me. She won't forget about me and she would always call to check on how I am doing and things like that. She's definitely trying to help me follow the right direction.

    • Jaslene: When we were doing our Sears challenge in Episode 5, they were counting down the time clock for us to make our store window display. We had to be the mannequins and add props to create a scene. I was running toward the table with products when I slipped and literally flew in the air and fell on my hip bone and arm. Ouch! There was a similar situation in Episode 6, when we had to put together an outfit from a rack of clothes in front of us as were being timed. Again- I flew to the rack (in heels, mind you) and fell right on my butt!

    • Jaslene: (What she has learned about herself from watching ANTM) I couldn't believe how mature, strong, and confident I've grown. I definitely broke down along the way, though. I wasn't having my rest of eating the food I wanted to eat. So I mentally gave up, but I still did what I had to do. I think perseverance is the key to success. There were so many roadblocks for me, but I overcame them all.

    • Jaslene: (Advice to girls in a bad relationship) One of my friends is struggling with the exact same thing, and I'm there for her 24/7. I can give so much advice, but it starts within yourself. You need to get help. Talk to somebody, because once you talk about it, you hear it, and then you understand what you're going through. That's what it took for me to let go.

    • Jaslene: (When she knew she wanted to be a model) I've idolized Gisele Bundchen since I was 14. I'd be posing in front of the mirror in my room, staring at inspirational collages of her on my walls. (I think she's such a fierce girl!) Then when I was 16, the first cycle of America's Next Top Model came out, and I'd tell my mom, "I'm going to be on that show." But I was too young to try out. My heart was always set on being on Top Model.

    • Jaslene: I was in complete shock. Australia like, I've never been nowhere else besides... the hood and around the corner.

    • Jaslene: I make it back to Priscilla's a minute before, and I'm like 'Where's Natasha, where's Brittany?' We have two slackers.

    • Jaslene: (seeing Natasha run to beat the time deadline, which she has missed): Look at her running for nothing. Run, girl!

    • Jaslene; I'm the Latin spice here. I'm not your girl next door but I'm your girl down the block in your hood.

  • Jaslene is a sexy Ladina on Americas Next Top Model

    Jaslene first attituned on Americas next top model for Season 7 and was not selected and on Season 8 she returned with avengence and ya'll i like her because she takes awesome picture , ive never seen a Ladina do good in this competetion since Yoanna House , cycle 2 so by far shes gotten her picture first two times and has been cover girl of the week twice and is still in the competetion , and i really hope she wins it would be nice to see another Ladina win Americas Next Top Model , so good luck in the Competetion Jaslenemoreless