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  • Jasmine Guy is an excellent actress!

    Jasmine is a very talented actress! She starred on A Different World and today also stars on a show called Dead Like Me. Ms. Guy is very talented and funny. She has also appeared on many broadway shows and guest-starred on many other popular shows including the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I think that Jasmine is a wonderful actress! She is one of my personal favroite actresses of all time! Aside from her roles on telivision and movies, Jasmine is also an excellent singer! She had a few hit songs out that were really great such as 'Try Me' and 'I Just Want to Hold You'.
  • This Woman is Heaven!

    I love Jasmine Guy! This woman is amazing! The first time I saw her was on A Different World, which actually directed a wrote a little of. Ive always been really impressed with her skills as an actress, but shes also a wirter and director! Shes too much! then there was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Where she had a guest role, and then on, I saw her in little things. Then in 2003 she was back on Dead Like Me, she really pulled the show together with comic relief. She had me laughing so hard! Shes one of the all-time greats!