Jasmine Jessica Anthony





10/28/1996 , Tarzana, California

Birth Name

Jasmine Jessica Anthony




Jasmine declared her acting intentions at three years old when, on December 11th, 1999 she stated: "Mommy, I want to be an actor" and the next day she said "Mommy, I want to be a GOOD actor". We waited a year to see if she remained interested, which she did, and went about getting her the first agent, (Doug Murphy at BBA) and taking acting classes with the awesome Stanzi Stokes at Dee Wallace Stones Studio, and continuing her dance training. She started auditioning, did a couple student films, and then booked her first feature, directed by Mr. Steven Spielberg. Catch Me If You Can opens on Christmas Day, 2002 and Jasmine is playing Leonardo DiCaprio's sister. She also will have two national commercials airing, for Microsoft and JC Penneys!

Jasmine loves animals, she has a mini horse named Starman, 2 llamas, chickens, Bengal cats, dogs, parrots goats and an emu named Ruby.