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  • Jasmine is amazing!

    Jasmine Trias is a Hawaiian girl that is commonly known as getting 3rd place on American Idol Season 3. She is an awesome singer! She was great in Season 3. She was one of my favorites during that season. Her performance of Inseperable blew everyone away, including me. I don't remember other performances from her, but I bet they were great. I felt bad for her when she cried on the top 4 night. Simon was mean to her. She didn't do that bad, but not that good. She was great for a 17 year old. I'm glad she was placed 3rd.
  • Beautiful

    Jasmine Trias brings out the best of the Filipinos and she made many of them proud on American Idol making it to top 3. Although there was controversy of her being on the top 3 I still think she deserved her title nonetheless. There is no lie the girl can sing and her charming sweet attitude brought her a long way throughout the Filipino world as she moved on to represent the Philippines with McDonald's singing beautifully the "Love ko to." Overall she's talented and she's very beautiful. I'd like to continue seeing where the road will take her and wish only the best for her.
  • She's great!

    THis review might be a little biased because I'm from the Philippines but bare with me. Jasmine Trias is probably best well known as the 2nd-runenr up in the hit Tv reality show American Idol. She was on teh third season and lost to Fantasia and Diana. Jasmine has a Filipino-American heritege which I think is very cool. Jasmien has an amazing voice but in my opinion she could do so much more than working for McDonalds. Well it's a good thing she isn't anymore. She always wears a flower on her ear which I think shows where she comes from, Hawaii.
  • She has a really nice voice.I could see everyone going out and buying her cd. she needs more credit.Shes really talented.Really like the song excuses.

    I really like her voice.Its nice.If she got more credit I could see everyone going out and buying her cd.I came across her on my xanga site i was going through a music site and picking random songs to listen to and i picked hers and LOVED it I played it over and over until i memorized.Shes really talented.