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Jason Betts

Jason Betts

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  • Jason Betts is a patriotic, teacher, actor, music star and yes a hokey pokey dancer. Jason Betts is also quick witted with his original, effective come backs such as smart alice. He also has a tatoo of New-Brunswick, to teach the class whenever he likes.moreless

    I personally think the world of Jason Betts. He's a fantastic actor, with an amazing voice; along with some amazing dance moves. His tatoo is an inspiration to me, I have now decided to get a tatoo of a canadian province or territory every year in honour of Jason Betts. His desire to teach wherever he may be is just a lesson in itself. I honestly think there should be a memorial for Jason Betts, or at least a New Brunswick county named after him. The fact of the matter is Jason Betts is just one of those people who can do it all.moreless