Jason Brooks





5/10/1966 , Colorado Springs, Colorado

Birth Name

Jason Maxwell Brooks




Jason Brooks, a dashingly handsome and imposingly built brown-haired TV actor, earned fame with his 1993-98 portrayal of likable villain Peter Blake on the popular NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives and later stepped in as David Hasselhoff's protege on the syndicated series Baywatch (1999-2001).

A Colorado native, Brooks and his family moved to Los Angeles at age seven and was unable to fight the call of show business despite his more academically-inclined background. 1990 saw the actor make his start with a guest role in the ABC series Doogie Howser, M.D. as well as a featured part in the USA Network TV-movie I'm Dangerous Tonight. In 1992, Brooks tried out for Baywatch and was cast in a guest role, but though producers were interested in the actor for a long-term part he had been picked up by NBC to co-star on Days of Our Lives. Here he originated the character Peter Blake, an undeniably attractive charmer with obsessive designs on Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) who hid his dastardly plots through the cunning and charisma he no doubt inherited from his notorious father figure Stefano (Joseph Mascolo). Spinning into self-destruction and megalomania, Peter exited the series' Salem setting as a pathetically well-meaning scoundrel.

Brooks' versatile appeal and acting ability made him an attractive TV-movie property, and he was featured in several in the 90s, including the ABC thriller Alibi (1997), the UPN sci-fi actioner The Darwin Conspiracy and the CBS tearjerker Three Secrets (both 1999). Guest roles on the series Friends (NBC, 1997), Early Edition (CBS, 1999) and Hollywood Off-Ramp (E! Entertainment Television, 2000) kept the actor busy, while a 1999 recurring role on the intriguing drama The Pretender marked his return to NBC in a challenging part with the time and freedom for more character development that he was afforded in guest shots.

In 1999, Brooks returned to regular series television with a role on the revamped lifeguard drama Baywatch. As the assured and organized head of the lifesaving team, Brooks' Sean Monroe was groomed to replace the departing Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) and breathed new life into the faltering show. Brooks brought a believable dramatic edge to the often-mocked series with his earnest portrayal, while his skills and athletic good looks won over audiences.