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    • Jason Brooks (about working on Baywatch) : Hawaii is paradise to me – my favorite place on Earth. I loved doing all the stuff in the water, though, quite frankly, I shouldn't have been doing it, because I could have gotten killed! It was a physically demanding show.

    • Jason Brooks: Parenting is the most astronomically imperfect process there is. No matter how hard you try to keep it to a minimum, you will make mistakes. But you try to keep it to a minimum, and you try and respect that they have a path, too.

    • Jason: October through December of 1995 I played Biff in Death of a Salesman. The great thing about this play is that it is by far the most brilliant play I have ever read. I was an honor to be involved in it.

    • Jason: As an actor, my biggest concern is the material, and not necessarily the medium. If I can find good material on television, that's fine - if I have to do film to find it, that's fine too.

    • Jason lives by the following phrase:

      Jason: To each his own.