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  • Would love to see Jason Carter as a permanent character in a top notch series that allows him to stretch the artistic wings to show viewers what he's really capabile of.

    In my opinion, Jason Carter is an one of the most versatile, and underrated, actors in the business today.

    Best known for his portrayal of Ranger Marcus Cole in the series Babylon 5 allowed viewers to catch glimpses of his humor and his dramatic presence, not to mention the occassional fight scenes that he enacted seemlessly and gracefully. This endearing character was very popular and the outcry at his demise was immediate.

    But my first glimps of Jason was his portrayal of Alec Connor in the series Viper he was a villian I think many wanted to see more of, including me. He portrayed the character with a dark wit and sense of humor. He seemed to really have fun playing the character and made it seem effortless. He was a "fun" villian.

    He has since done a mix of comedic and dramatic guest roles in series and film that I think leaves viewers wanting to see more of this man.

    I can't help but wonder, what he would have brought to the characters of Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula and Sirus Black in the Harry Potter films (that prompted an online petition to have him cast as the character, yet the casting went to Gary Oldman again). I think he would have been amazing.
  • Actor, writer, poet, teacher...

    Jason Carter has recently begun continuing the work started with teaching partner the late Richard Biggs. His acting workshop is always a hit, but he DOES expect you to participate!

    I thought his portrayal of Marcus Cole (Babylon 5) was stunning. He is a talented actor with a distinctive voice. If you're lucky enough to meet Jason, you'll find him to be intelligent, witty and a real charmer.