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    • Jason: I consider myself a fighter by passion and an actor by choice.

    • Jason: I really love movies like "The Bourne Ultimatum" that show martial arts in a realistic and gritty atmosphere.

    • Jason: If I wasn't acting or fighting I'd be a History teacher.

    • Jason: If I can come back to Hawaii... I'll do a show on eating pineapples.

    • Jason: I love fans. Guys, girls, whatever... I just love them in different ways!

    • Jason: If you can cook, I'll marry you tomorrow!

    • Jason: (how he became interested in martial arts) I was bullied by some kids when I was younger, and that's what really sparked it.

    • Jason: The high you get when you win a fight is unsurpassed.

    • Jason: (his advice to a fighter starting out) Keep your hands high and your hopes higher.... (Laughs), no that sound like a fortune cookie. Train hard though. Champions are not made in the ring, they are just recognized there…But seriously keep your hands up.

    • Jason: (about his favorite spot on earth) Chicago - I did not really appreciate the city until I moved. At that time I needed a change and wanted to focus more on my acting. So I went to NYC. But now there is nothing I look forward to more than seeing my friends, family, and the beautiful lakefront in Chi-Town.

    • Jason: If there is one thing I know; it's pain and its many forms.

    • Jason: (on how he keeps in shape) It's really hard to diet on the road ... not only are my days ridiculously long but the food isn't conducive to a diet. When I am in a swamp in Malaysia, I'll just eat about whatever they bring me. For the most part I endeavor to stay away from processes foods, no refined sugar or bleached floor.

    • Jason: (On moving to L.A.) I feel that that is going to be the place for me to make my mark.

    • Jason: (About losing a fight to kungfu martial artist Yan Delong) I have been training in judo, karate, taekwondo and Thai kickboxing. Before the competition my opponent told me his strongest skills, but I still lost. Shaolin kungfu is really a top martial art.

    • Jason: I was bitten by the acting bug at a very young age.