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    • Clarke, along with the rest of The Chicago Code cast, went on ride-alongs with members of the Chicago P.D. in preparation for his role in the show.

    • Film and TV movie credits:
      The Wettest County in the World (2011)
      The Fields (2011)
      Swerve (2011)
      Yelling to the Sky (2010)
      Trust (2010)
      Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
      U.S. Attorney (2009)
      Public Enemies (2009)
      The Human Contract (2008) Death Race (2008)
      Under Still Waters (2008)
      Get Rich Quick (2004)
      BlackJack: Murder Archive (2003)
      You Can't Stop the Murders (2003)
      The Outsider (2002)
      Our Lips Are Sealed (2002)
      Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)
      Better Than Sex (2000)
      Risk (2000)
      Kick (1999)
      Praise (1998)
      Twilight (1998)
      Halifax f.p: Hard Corps (1997)
      Dilemma (1997)

    • Being from Australia, Clarke had to work constantly to develop his Chicago accent for his role in The Chicago Code. He even had a dialogue coach who gave him different words to practice at a time.

  • Quotes

    • (Of The Chicago Code)
      Clarke: We [the cast and crew] had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun. Cops that I know have a lot of fun in their job, and if you don't, you get out of the way, and. I think you'll see that in the show, that they really enjoy kicking the door in.

    • (Comparing his Brotherhood and Chicago Code characters)
      Clarke: Yeah. I mean, I didn't really sit down and think about it – you think about other things in terms of whether you're going to commit to a series, but this is action-based, whereas with Tommy Caffee, he was totally aware of his moral problems, and that was part of who he was. With Wysocki, his moral problem is somebody else's decision. He reminded me of Gary Cooper in High Noon – the bad guy was coming to town and he was just going to go out and meet him on his own and that's why I love the character. I think it's almost a throwback to the classic Gary Cooper/John Wayne, let's just move [and fight] and may the best man win and then everything else that comes into it is your opinion. It's the audience [coming to moral conclusions], rather than the character.

    • (Of being the lead on The Chicago Code)
      Clarke: It's very hard work. I don't have a life!

    • (Blake Masters, the creator of Brotherhood, speaking of how Jason Clarke came to be in the show.)
      Masters: I found Jason Clarke in the luckiest, weirdest way possible. We hired Philip Noyce to direct the pilot. He went off to Australia. Jason was broke, without a green card, living in Philip's basement. He came in, read, and I was like, "Holy shit, that's Tommy Caffee." Philip came back, I said "We found Tommy Caffee," and he said, "Who?" Philip beat on Jason Clarke unmercifully. He was like, "You're going to be brilliant if I have to kill you to do it." He made sure that Jason became the guy. And Jason threw himself into it.

    • (Matt Lauria, on working with Clarke on The Chicago Code)
      Lauria: He's a great actor, and he's a really intense artist. He brings an intensity to his work and to his discipline with the work, and it really sets the bar pretty high. Consequently, I've learned a tremendous amount working with him. He's also a very generous actor. Even people who were in one scene, he makes sure that he really gives in a way that will ensure a great performance from them. He's a really intense dude. We have a good time; we have a good balance.

    • (Of The Chicago Code)
      Clarke: You know, it's a cop show. And, it's kinda...with...I think, the difference between most cop shows is it's not procedural in the fact we have an...we have overall arcs. And that's what attracted me to it, as an actor.

    • (Of his Chicago Code character)
      Clarke: He loves his job. There's just a certain pace that he's used to now. I'm sure it's like guys in the Army - even though it's very dangerous, they just want to keep going back. There's just a way of life that's very close to the edge.

    • (Speaking of his Chicago Code character)
      Clarke: I like this cop. His lines are a lot more blurred. Kicking doors in, throwing guys against walls. It's a rough area. It's a tough, dirty city. There's a lot of passionate people here. He's a dude that cares. He's just done it. He knows how to take control.