Jason Cook (I)





9/13/1980 , Somerdale, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Jason John Cook




Soon after being born, Jason and his family moved to California. There he developed an interest in music and began studying the piano. In high school he began to play piano at weddings and only became interested in acting after serving as an emergency replacement in his school's production of Whodunnit?. Since then, Jason knew he wanted to be an actor. His father knew a theater manager who helped him get other jobs. His first acting job was a host for the Disney Channel's Project Time. In 1999, Jason landed the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives and has played that role since. His credits also include The Wizard of Loneliness and Club Med. In 2005, Jason was arrested for public intoxication and drug possession in Des Moines, Iowa.