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Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank


9/4/1973, Covina, California

Birth Name

Jason David Frank



Also Known As

Jason Frank, Jason D. Frank
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Jason David Frank has been my favorite actor in Power Ranger history! He\'s been there since seaso 1 and theough halfway into Trubo, a guest star in Forever Red and returning in Dino Thunder! Tommy was my favorite Power Ranger of all!moreless

    Jason David Frank has veen my personal favorite since his very first appearance! I loved him as the Green, White, Red Zeo, Red Turbo and Black Dino Thunder ranger of all! There\'s no one (besudes the original team) better than Tommy! Well, that iw what I say! After Tommy joined the team, I watrched because I love seeing him in action! When Tommy first lost his Green Ranger powers, I was upset. When he returned as the Green Ranger again, I was thrilled. But when he lost the powers again, I was really upset. When he became the White ranger and leader of the team, I couldn't be any happier!moreless
  • Frank is the longest appearing PowerRanger.He appeared in the most Power Rangers episodes,242 actual appearances. He also appeared in the most seasons seven.Frank came back to Power Rangers in the 10th anniversary episode Forever Red in Wild Force.moreless

    Man this guy is great. Look at him, longest time as a Power Ranger. He was The Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo 5 Ranger, Shortly Turbo Ranger, And Black Dino Ranger. 242 episodes in all. Amazing, guy great at karate and things like that. Did you know that he was his own school. Wish he could come back to the Power Ranger Family. Maybe even another Forever RED,MAYBE? Great Actor. Best Ranger ever in my opinion. Cut all this Overdrive Nonsense, and remake the old Power Rangers from the Saban-Era. May he live Forever,

    Jason David Frank a.k.a. Tommy Olivermoreless