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Jason Dawe was born in a small Cornish village in 1967. He spent 20 years as a successful car salesman before moving onto salesman training as a means to free up time to spend with his family. After a brief spell as a Top Gear presenter, Jason became…more


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    • Jason:(on school pranks)) In a prank that predated the likes of Jackass by two decades, the car was manhandled up several flights of steps by his so called friends without Mark's knowledge and placed in the centre of the school gym. For a car which was more glass fibre than metal, the ease with which this was conducted was apparently astonishing (so they told me).

    • Jason:(taken from his website) I remember the first boy in my school year to pass his driving test. The day after his 17th birthday Mark proudly walked into the sixth form waving his pass certificate and offering anyone (but preferably the girls) the chance to be first for a lift home in his new car. What he hadn't told anyone was that his car was a Reliant Robin. And to compound the abject pulling power it exercised, it was an estate. In beige. What girl could resist? Quite a few apparently.

    • Jason: (taken from an article on TimesOnline) The TV series 'Blackadder' probably shaped a new vision of history for a whole generation, thanks to Robbie Coltrane's wonderful portrayal of the swaggering doctor and the composition of his famous dictionary.

    • Jason: We now seem to be in the era where a straightforward theft of a car radio / CD player is fast becoming a part of the 'good old days' of car crime.

    • Jason: (on buying a used car) You must drive several different cars before you settle on one. They all drive differently, even though they may look identical; and you need to be able to compare to spot a good one from one that drives like a dog.

    • Jason: (on UK Road Pricing and Tracking) If road charging and trackers do become compulsory I will want to see a cast iron 100% guarantee that my data will not be passed on to anyone without my consent. But knowledge is power and data is money - it will remain to see how any future government, regardless of political persuasion, can resist the opportunity of money for nothing.

    • Jason: You get more cloth for your money with great big flapping flared trousers than you do with narrow straight leg trousers.

    • Jason: For too many years at car shows, manufacturers have unveiled prototypes of future vehicles for years ahead, usually clad in chassis that wouldn't look out of place in an episode of Futurama.