Jason Dolley

Jason Dolley


7/5/1991, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Jason Scott Dolley



Also Known As

Jason, Jason Dolley, Jason Scott Dolley
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Jason Dolley -- Actor. Always wanting to be an actor, Jason enjoyed participating in school plays and talent shows. His first stage experience was performing the Abbott & Costello routine "Who's On First" with his brother in a school talent show. Jason started acting professionally at age 11…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jason's real grandparents have guest starred in various roles on "Good Luck Charlie".

    • Jason's talk show debut was on the May 3rd, 2010 episode of "The Bonnie Hunt Show".

    • Jason's favorite superhero is Batman.

    • His first kiss was when he was 14. It was on the set of Read it and Weep.

    • His celebrity crush is Jessica Alba.

    • He shot all his scenes for 'The Air I Breathe' in one week.

    • Jason is one of the featured guys in "The Hottest Guys of Gen Y" for the year 1991 in Cosmo-Girl's February 2008 issue.

    • His hidden talent is that he can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

    • Jason was nominated for Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Short Film for Chasing Daylight (2004).

    • Jason won the award for the Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Supporting Young Actor for Complete Savages in 2004.

    • Jason once bought one of his dates' sixteen roses for her 16th birthday.

    • Jason participated in the Disney Channel Games in 2007 as a member of the Yellow Team.

    • If Jason was not an actor he said he would be inspired to be a lawyer.

    • Jason's current height stands at 6'0".

    • Jason's favorites:

      Place to Visit: New York City
      School Subject: The Bible
      Outdoor Game: Airsoft
      Board Game: Settlers of Catan
      Animals: Cats, Dogs and Pet Rats
      Song: "Last Words," by Thousand Foot Crutch
      Actor: Liam Neeson
      Comedian: Lou Costello
      TV show: The Simpsons
      Movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
      Dessert: Chocolate Soufflé
      Food: In 'N Out Burger Double-Double
      Color: Blue
      Band: Counting Crows
      Book: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
      Sports: Football, baseball, basketball
      Ice Cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough
      Pizza: Sausage
      Store: Fossil
      Instrument: Guitar
      Video Game: Guitar Hero
      Candy: Reese's
      Hobbies: Playing the guitar, poker and paintball with friends
      Episode of Cory in the House: "Get Smarter"

    • Jason attended the Disney Channel's New Year's Eve Sing-Along Bowl-athon and the Disney Channel's New Year's Eve Star Showdown.

    • Jason once had brown hair.

    • If Jason had to spend $10 at his favorite fast food joint, he'd order a #1 without onions from In-N-Out Burger.

    • The DVD release that Jason was most excited for was "The Lord of The Rings: Return of the King."

    • People would be surprised that Jason has never broken a bone.

    • When Jason flies, he has to have his iPod.

    • Jason's dream car is a Concept Camaro.

    • The celebrity that Jason would ask for an autograph from is Liam Neeson.

    • Jason says The best perk of being a celebrity is the girls. When he was on "Complete Savages", the cast sometimes found themselves running from a mob of girls. To quote Jason, "There is nothing quite like that."

    • Before Jason dies, he wants to work with M. Night Shyamalan.

    • Jason's wackiest fan encounter was when he was walking through Magic Mountain, and someone came up and said, "Hi, picture?" He didn't quite understand him, but before he knew it, the man had snapped a picture of Jason on his phone and walked off.

    • Jason's biggest financial spurge was when he bought a home theater system for his family.

    • Jason says that if he's on a show, then the show that the channel is on is his favorite channel.

    • Jason's most prized possession is a script signed by Mel Gibson and the cast of "Complete Savages".

    • Jason's coolest article of clothing is his jeans. They are Levis 529. He happens to have four pairs. They are basically the only the jeans that he wears.

    • For Jason, heaven on earth will be the Disney Cruise that he will be going on this summer.

    • The cereals in his cupboard are Wheaties and the occasional Cheerios.

    • Jason had two pets, one of which passed away. He currently has a chocolate lab named Jasmine. He had a rat named Sky, but it passed away.

    • Jason happens to be a person who is very active in church, being a faithful Christian.

    • Jason lives with his two parents and his brother.

    • Jason has recently appeared in Saving Shiloh, playing the part of Marty Preston.

    • Jason appeared in a commercial for Duracell batteries.

    • Jason has blonde hair.

    • In 2008, Jason graduated form Grace Brethren Jr./Sr. High School in Simi Valley, California.

  • Quotes

    • Jason: (On how his faith affects his daily life) I think faith helps me a lot. God wants you to be where He wants you to be, and that's where I want to be. If I do not get a part, I understand that maybe I needed to be home at that time, maybe in school, there's always a reason. My faith is also where my core friends are, at my church, a faith-based friendship. It is a major thing.

    • Jason: Every morning, I pour a bowl of cereal and let it sit for a while. I like soggy cereal.

    • Jason: I don't have a problem with girls asking guys out. I like guys asking girls out more, but it works both ways too.

    • Jason: What I think is funny is most guys don't understand why girls like to shop so much, but I'm on their side. I think that guys enjoy shopping too--just for different things. Depending on the guy, it can be tools or videogames. For me, I can go out shopping for clothes--that's fine.

    • Jason: To have fans is so cool. It's an honor.

    • Jason: I pick up after my (chocolate Labrador) Jasmine. I make my bed. I don't take out the trash a lot, but I used to shred papers for my mom, who is an accountant.

    • Jason: I like to eat! Food is awesome. So we'd go for a meal. But also amusement parks...especially for a first date. If you're still sort of getting to know her-there's more stuff going on at amusement parks than at dinner. And I love roller coasters!

    • Jason: The only thing I'm very good at making is I can make a pretty good, well, two things actually, I can make a really good tuna melt and a really nice garlic grilled cheese sandwich!

    • Jason: When I meet a girl, the first thing I see is her smile because all girls have a great smile. Smiles are all unique and that's what sort of catches my attention about them at first sight.

    • Jason: I want a girl who likes me for me!

  • Jason/PJ

    Jason Dolley is a great actor/musician! I love his character on Good Luck Charlie, and how sweet he can be with his brothers and sisters! My favorite part was when Teddy missed Spencer so much that she cried, and PJ did the sock puppet to cheer her up. It was so cute how he did a brotherly love in the act of comfort. I've watched GLC ever since 2010 and watched all of them grow up in their owns way. Love PJ becasue he is the sweetest and has a good heart for his family.moreless
  • Jason Dolley is amazing!!!

    Jason Dolley is a great actor! he's really funny on Good Luck Charlie. He was really funny on Cory in the House. To be honest, he was cute with his long hair, but now he's really cute now that his hair is short. He actually has a nice voice for singing. He's a musician though. I wish he had a real band too. I agree is a really sweet guy and he is hilarious. He's one of my favorite actors too, and I think he his best role in a show is Good Luck Charlie. If it weren't for Jason Dolley, i would not have intereset in Good Luck Charlie. Jason Dolley is amazing!!!!