Jason Donovan





6/1/1968 , Malvern, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Jason Sean Donovan




Jason Sean Donovan was born on 1 June 1968 to actor Terence Donovan and former Benny Hill girl Sue McIntosh. When he was 4, his parents divorced, and he was raised by his father.

Jason acted as a child, appearing first in "Skyways", then going on to other shows, such as "The Sullivans", as well as "I Can Jump Puddles", "Home" and "Golden Pennies." He attended the Malvern Central School, and watched his father working in "Division Four" after school. His secondary schooling was at De La Salle College in Melbourne. He sung with the renowned Australian Boys Choir.

In 1984, Jason auditioned for a new programme called "Neighbours". Although he got the part, he turned it down on his father's advice and went on to achieve his HSC (Higher School Certificate). The very next day after he departed school, he started work on "Neighbours" as "Scott Robinson".

In 1987, he won a "Logie", the Australian equivalent of an Emmy, for "Best New Talent", and also "Best Actor" from the Australian Television Society. In 1988, he won another Logie for "Most Popular Actor".

In March, 1988, he also signed a recording contract with Mushroom Records. In July, he recorded "Nothing Can Divide Us", which reached number 4 in the UK, and number 5 in Australia.

Jason filmed "The Heroes", a WWII TV mini-series later in 1988, and then in December, 1988, "Especially For You", his duet with on-and-off-screen love Kylie Minogue was released and went to number 1.

1989 saw Jason's departure from "Neighbours" and the release of his first album, "Ten Good Reasons," which went to number 1 simultaneously as his hit single, a cover of "Sealed with a Kiss."

In 1990, he released a second album, "Between the Lines", and the following year, made a gigantic leap to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End hit "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat." He performed in the role of "Joseph" for 18 months, and returned briefly in 1993 to finish the show's run. A soundtrack of his performance in the show was released, and he culled several hits from it, notably "Any Dream Will Do".

In 1993, Jason released a new album of music, "All Around The World", some of which he co-wrote. Freed of PWL's restrictions, the music reflected a more mature Jason. Unfortunately, it failed to do as well commercially as past albums.

In the mid-1990's, Jason fell upon harder times. He acted in "The Last Bullet" in 1994 and had multiple stage appearances. However, his honest confession of drug use to a reporter, coupled with reports of collapses stemming from drug use, labeled him as "clean-cut boy gone wrong." He was highlighted in "Who", a weekly magazine similar to the US "People", for his drug problems.

In 1998, Jason took on the roll of "Frank N Furter" in "The Rocky Horror Show," first in Perth and then in London. His performance was widely acclaimed, and an album was released of a live performance which has been said to be among the best of all the "Rocky Horror" albums ever done.

A movie role in "Sorted" was next, during which it was revealed that Jason had had a relationship with Angela Malloch during his "Rocky" days, and she was expecting their baby. After their daughter Jemma was born, Jason and Angela got back together and had a little boy, Zac. More movie roles followed "Sorted", and then, in 2002 and 2004, an ABC television series back in Melbourne called "MDA" (Medical Defense Australia).

Jason continues to live with Angela and their two children. He recently finished a run at the London Palladium in the production, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as "Caractacus Potts", to high acclaim. He has also completed a movie in Australia, "Loot", in which he plays the lead role.

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