Jason Earles

Jason Earles


4/26/1985, San Diego, California

Birth Name

Jason Daniel Earles


  • Jake T. Austin and Jason Earles star in ...
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Jason Earles was born in San Diego, California. Unlike a lot of actors his age, who just head to Hollywood without any training or experience, Jason decided to learn everything he could. He studied acting, directing, cold reading (which he would win an AMTC award for), & even…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Talented young actor

    Jason Earles is a very talented young actor. I remember him playing Grady on Phil of the Future. He is absolutely hilarious and always making me laugh on Hannah Montana. He plays Jackson Stewart on the show. Jason is the funniest character on that show. Way more talented and a way better actor than Miley Cyrus. Thats why i put the more-talented co-star lol. He is a good rising actor especially since he is 21 and he can pull of playing a 15 year old. I hope to see him in more tv shows and movies in the near future.moreless
  • Amazing

    Well, i wouldnt say he is the best actor but he is a fantastic guy at making other accent. It is just simply amazing what he does with his voice. I have to admit, he is not exactly the kinda guy i would 'go for'. So, i just love his voice very much. On Hannah Montana, i think that he is the best actor there. And i mean best actor and actress. I think that he should deserve a show. Or he could reconsider to be a voice actor. I just love his voice so much. Hope he has a bright future ahead of him.moreless