Jason Flemyng

Jason Flemyng


9/25/1966, London, England, UK

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Jason Flemyng


  • Ben Mansfield as Captain Becker and Jaso...
  • Abby (Hannah Spearitt), Connor (Andrew L...
  • Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) in Primeval.
  • Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) in Primeval.
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While British fans will most recognise Jason Flemyng for his earlier movie roles in Snatch, Lock Stock and Layer Cake--as well as his more recent part in Primeval--international fans will be more familiar with his wealth of film work. In 2008 he starred along Brad Pitt in The…more


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    • Jason: Of the 40 feature films I've made, 15 of them failed to make it onto the screen and have only ever been seen by cast and crew. It is very frustrating when a film you really believe in remains unseen. That's not a problem with television. If you're a painter you don't paint a picture and then stick it under the bed - you want people to see it.

    • Jason: A film is like a mad arranged marriage, with all these people who don't necessarily want to be with each other forced into this intimate, exhausting process. Apart from Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels- which was one of those freak occasions where everyone had a brilliant time - I've not been on a film where there haven't been arguments.

    • Jason: My fan website says 'site open since 1987, 37 visitors'. So I've got a very small but very dedicated group of fans I guess.

    • Jason: Acting was a way of talking to girls without being cool. Obviously there is the Ginger Freedom Front, but it was a battle until I was about 19 or 20.

  • Jason Flemyng: A second rate actor at best.

    I watched Primeval of a number of episodes and it was excellent up until Cutter, Steven, and Hellen were killed of and Claudia left. Jason Flemyng: It was an insult for Jason Flemyng to replace Cutter in this series.

    He was a nothing x-cop who came in a took over from everyone like the arrogant person he seems. Jason is a second rate actor and as they also employed Ben a toy boy soldier just out of drama schools tells me they must have gone broke so they killed of the main actors and replaced them with cheaper second rate actors.moreless