Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick


2/7/1965, Chicago, IL

Birth Name

Jason Michael Gedroic


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On February 7, 1965, Jason Gedrick was born in Cook County Hospital. He moved around a bit as a child, beginning in northwest suburban Mount Prospect and then later the Uptown neighborhood. When his parents divorced, he stayed with his mother, living in Chicago while his older siblings,…more


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    • Jason Gedrick: (about his role on "The Last Don" I and II) Sure, I think everyone fantasizes about being bad, and the baddest thing you can be is in the mob. I do, too, sometimes. And I think even women wish they were going out with the guy from the mob 'cause he's cool and has money and is scary. But I think the idea of converting him into a choirboy is the true appeal.

    • Jason Gedrick: Ok everyone.some of you may have seen it,some of you may not have,but...check out the episode of Lincoln Heights that i was in.I love to say I had alot of fun working on it,and I am glad to say,I will be filming another episode for lincoln heights if they make a season 3.

    • Jason Gedrick: I don't know if I'm king, but I'm definitely the court jester of critically acclaimed canceled TV series. But what are you going to do? I try to have a sense of humor about it, because there's no rhyme or reason sometimes why a show succeeds or doesn't. It's just the nature of the business. Luckily, I've been able to keep getting great roles and I continue to somehow survive through it all.

    • Jason Gedrick: Maybe the real reason I'm a performer is because I'm the youngest of three kids. Maybe it was a way to get attention. And ultimately, as I look back on it now, I'm kind of curious. Maybe that's it. As an actor, I can investigate and analyze many different ways of living, the psychology of different people. I really don't want to get too pedantic here, but I just truly enjoy exploring other lives. That's always been fun for me.

    • Jason Gedrick: You want to know the truth? I'm one of the most juvenile people I know. Truly, I am stuck in like a 12 year old state. I mean, I'm goofy. If I had to describe myself, that's the only way I can put it. And the people who know me, even the people who just know me a little bit, they couldn't deny that I'm just a goofy guy.

    • Jason Gedrick: On paper I'm extremely successful, but in the business they may wonder why (a) I'm not huger or (b) extinct. I like being right in the middle.

  • Jason has great acting abilities, as well as, charming looks!

    In the roles he's played, even as a bad guy, he has a charming and sensual personality. I wonder why he has not been offered any major film roles? In my opinion he is just as good an actor as pretty boy Brad Pitt, and baby face, Leonardo De Caprio!

    I would love to be on a beach in hawaii or tahiti or even cozumel with this georgeous man, sipping mai tai's or margaritas! Joy

  • Under valued!

    Ok...So Jason Gedrick isn't the most talented or at least we haven't seen him spread his wings because he isn't given the opportunity. He always plays the same part. He's the quiet, dark, strong, leader...brooding and sexy. He hasn't really played anything else. Still, he's great in this role and he can succeed. Unfortunately, his shows don't. They barely last a season, if that. His films, as of late, are few and far between. He's usually relegated to some small made for tv movie that is just bad. I don't understand why. He's attractive and has got his role down. When The Last Don came out, I was sure he was on his way. I was sure he could resurrect his teen idolness and become an adult actor but it's been difficult for him. Hopefully, with his recent stints on A&E and Desperate Housewives, we can see him on tv again.moreless