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  • Jason has great acting abilities, as well as, charming looks!

    In the roles he's played, even as a bad guy, he has a charming and sensual personality. I wonder why he has not been offered any major film roles? In my opinion he is just as good an actor as pretty boy Brad Pitt, and baby face, Leonardo De Caprio!

    I would love to be on a beach in hawaii or tahiti or even cozumel with this georgeous man, sipping mai tai's or margaritas! Joy
  • Under valued!

    Ok...So Jason Gedrick isn't the most talented or at least we haven't seen him spread his wings because he isn't given the opportunity. He always plays the same part. He's the quiet, dark, strong, leader...brooding and sexy. He hasn't really played anything else. Still, he's great in this role and he can succeed. Unfortunately, his shows don't. They barely last a season, if that. His films, as of late, are few and far between. He's usually relegated to some small made for tv movie that is just bad. I don't understand why. He's attractive and has got his role down. When The Last Don came out, I was sure he was on his way. I was sure he could resurrect his teen idolness and become an adult actor but it's been difficult for him. Hopefully, with his recent stints on A&E and Desperate Housewives, we can see him on tv again.
  • Jason's star is on the rise; especially with his new series "Windfall" on NBC...

    I have seen Jason in several of his movies, made-for-tv movies and tv shows and have always thought he was a top performer. After watching the pilot episode of "Windfall", I was even further impressed with his acting abilities. He made his character convincing, compelling and intriguing. I don't think he has received the credit or the choice roles he is deserving of. Hopefully, this new series will bring him the attention that will offer him more options for better roles. I would like to see more of him, whether that is in movies or the continuation of this series.
  • Give him a show that will last long!

    Before Eric Close hit it big in "Without a Trace"
    He starred in a bunch of failed tv shows that
    Were good but little watched by the audience. This seems to
    Be the fate of Jason Gedrick. How many shows has he starred on that were good but didn't have the viewership?
    Great actor who deserves a chance to really hit it big like Eric Close has done!

    I want to say to all Jason`s fans that they have good taste:) I love HIM very very much he is my ideal .. You are the most handsome person i have ever seen during these 6 years. Unfortunately I have seen few of your films its rather difficult to find them in Armenia but whatever i saw i liked it very much ... I loved u in Last Don and 2 or 3 years ago i used to watch it almost every day for your handsome face ...
    I wish u all the best and good luck ...
    I love u very much *********************
  • Am I really the first to write a review for tis guy?

    It kinda surprises me that nobody seams interested in this man. Obviously, he got the looks, and as for his acting.. it's not the worlds greatest, but not that bad either. I must say, I'd watch almost anything he apears in.. not for his acting, but for his pretty face. I loved him in The Last Don and Class of 96. I hope to see more of him some time soon.