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  • Under valued!

    Ok...So Jason Gedrick isn't the most talented or at least we haven't seen him spread his wings because he isn't given the opportunity. He always plays the same part. He's the quiet, dark, strong, leader...brooding and sexy. He hasn't really played anything else. Still, he's great in this role and he can succeed. Unfortunately, his shows don't. They barely last a season, if that. His films, as of late, are few and far between. He's usually relegated to some small made for tv movie that is just bad. I don't understand why. He's attractive and has got his role down. When The Last Don came out, I was sure he was on his way. I was sure he could resurrect his teen idolness and become an adult actor but it's been difficult for him. Hopefully, with his recent stints on A&E and Desperate Housewives, we can see him on tv again.