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  • The Sonic Voice Thief.

    The one whose destroying Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. He is a job stealer like the rest of the employees at 4kids Entertaintment or 4 Shame Entertainment. Ryan Drummond should play Sonic and David Humphrey should play Shadow. He shows no enthusiasm for Sonic or Shadow. Jason should not be allowed to play Sonic or Shadow or any Sega related character along with his gay partner Dan Green who is the infamous VA Yami Yugi and plays Knuckles. J Griff is destroying the STH franchise with his talentless voice I do not know why Sega chose him over Ryan D. He should be fired.
  • Mostly a so-so or not really good voice over, but he has his moments

    Originally I hated this actor. He fluctuated his voiced (mainly for Sonic and Ussop) and most of the voices he provides don't fit the characters at all. Originally I had a problem with him when I messaged in the past but as certain events passed and a few people I talked to who know him, he's shown to me he's not a bad guy after all. Maybe he was having a rough time or has recently gotten better, but I find him okay now.

    Of his voice acting stuff which is what I am reviewing on him, he's not that good of a voice for Sonic. Actually in the beginning he was downright terrible (in the games anyway, he was okay in episode 1 of Sonic X). But he's improved his emotional skills in acting as shown in Sonic Unleashed but the voice still doesn't fit well so I recommend another actor for the character. I do however think he fits Shadow very well and if he emoted more, he could be perfect or at least great or good.

    His voice of Ussop however was downright awful. It made the character sound like some wimpy (or something else) and unserious character. Jason originally had trouble with his Sonic voice in the sense that he fluctuated the tone but as Ussop it was WAY worse, terrifyingly worse actually. When the auditions were going on and that Jason proved he can act, I don't know who to blame most, Jason himself or the directors who casted and directed him.

    Other characters he has voiced in the past and recently however he's actually pretty good as. He's great as the voice of Miyamoto Usagi on Ninja Turtles and a few others I don't quite remember. But I think voice overs are not best area, I've seen him do MUCH better in live action.

    So as a live action actors he's pretty good, but as a voice over actor he's mostly so so on that but he still has his moments.
  • Not the greatest but ok.

    I have heard better voice acting work than Jason Griffith's but i've heard worse. The sound of his voice goes good with such characters as Sonic the Hedgehog in the cartoon Sonic X and newer sonic games but I often find he doesn't seem to put enough enthusiasm in to his characters voice. I have realised this happends alot with other voiceover work that has been dubed from another language. Sometimes I get the feeling that they are just reading off of a piece of paper. I want to hear more than just plain average. Come on Griffith I know you can do better!
  • The voice he provides for Sonic is too bland and doesn't provide enough personality for him

    Okay, I might as well just say it. This VA is talentless and cannot do a good voice to save his life. Sonic sounds very sarcastic every time he opens his mouth, but Ryan Drummond provided an awesome voice with great emotion. That's what Jason Griffith was clearly missing. His voice was the worst in Sonic X, but he isn't that much better in the games either. I don't care what people have to say about Jaleel White, he was a great and very talented voice actor, same goes for Ryan Drummond and Junichi Kanemaru because they all gave Sonic personality, and not just the "tone" of him. I WILL admit though that there are worse 4kids actors, like Carter Cathcart (Vector), Rebecca Honig (Cream)and Cathleen Delaney (Rouge) but still Jason Griffith should NOT be taking over Ryan in the later Sonic games. That's why I gave Griffith a 3/10. A shame really, since the other Sonic voices are good...
  • As a long time Sonic fan, (we're talking about 14+ years) I am so, so happy with how Jason voices our loveable blue hedgehog hero. Two thumbs up to a voice over genius!

    As a long time Sonic fan, (we're talking about 14+ years) I am so, so happy with how Jason voices our loveable blue hedgehog hero. I have grown up with listening to Jaleel White, and must say that Jason really follows the cheeky, charming, and often slapstick trend. Jason has a range of voice over talents; it's always a joy listening to him voice Shadow and Sonic! It's a hard thing to live up to, being Sonic the Hedgehog, but he really pulls it off!
    I know that some people may not agree, but as a Sonic fan, I'm sticking to my guns! Two thumbs up to a voice over genius!
  • Voices Sonic on Sonic X.

    Jason Anthony Griffith is a great actor. With skills beyond compare (to some other actors but not all), he does an amazing job voicing cartoon characters, especially Sonic. Sonic X is one of the more popular shows on television nowadays. They have got to pick the good voice actors for the best shows. Jason Anthony Griffith is one.
  • He's slightly better than decent...but not much more.

    I think his Sonic voice is alright, and his Shadow voice is pretty good. His Cilan voice is a bit better than alright, but his Usopp was not good. He's a decent voice actor though, and seems pretty cool.
  • Quite possibly one of the worst voice actors ever!!! and if you like him as sonic or shadow you are NO true sonic fan!

    Heres my opinion of his voice of sonic- Jason Griffith horrible!!! he puts no emotion in his speech making sonic sound flat, fake, annoying, and gay seriously this is like the biggest mistake sega has made ever this makes sonic sound dweeby and gay sega must be smoking something bad.(also I don't have anything against gay's I'm just saying)

    and heres my opinion for his voice of shadow- HORRIBLE No emotion and too monotone. This voice is absolutely the worst for Shadow.

    He also made Jet the Hawk from sonic riders sound like Gollem from the lord of the rings!!!

    as you can se Jason puts NO emotion in his voice ever.

    He also dubbed Usopp and made him sound like a drug addict! Jason I beg of you PLEASE stop voice acting your horrible!!!!!!!!!!

    If you like him as sonic you are NO true sonic fan.

    I would give him a 0 if I could!!!!!!!!!
  • this guy so killed sonic how dare this guy

    shame on you jason for what you did to sonic i have never seen sonic x but i listended to your voice once and you so killed sonic you made him sound like a dork i hate you jason infact i hate the name jason this guy sucks overall im sorry but i have nothing nice to say about this guy
  • Behold the greatest Sonic the Hedgehog voice ever!

    Jason Anthony Griffith has really made Sonic have a perfect voice. He IS Sonic the Hedgehog. THere isn't a better voice. When I played Sonic 2 on the ol' SEGA Genesis the voice I made up was like this.

    He also plays Shadow the Hedgehog and plays them very differently! Only sometimes does he sound like Sonic, but rarely. Other actors have played Sonic well, but Jason Griffith is the best one.

    In Sonic Riders, Jason Griffith is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Jet the Hawk. All though Sonic and Jet sound alike, he plays them differently enough to tell them apart.

    So basically I am saying that he is the BEST voice in Sonic History.

  • Definatly a lot better than before. I know I'll get a lot of tumb downs and people saying to me "YOU ARE NO SONIC FAN!!!" Well no, I'm not. I'm not reviewing Mr.Griffith as Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm reviewing him as the voice actor himself.

    Jason does has his good ones and his bad ones, one of his bad ones was his role as Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox360/PS3. He was a really up and down in his role. A bad one altogether is his Shadow the Hedgehog voice, it's a bit quiet, and emotional. He needs to work on it just a bit. May be the directors fault hoever. A good role, a phenomenal role was his voice as Mirage Leonardo in Turtles Forever. Perfect at the least, in my opinion. He does a very good job, I don't understand why he gets so hated. No, he didn't "steal" the voice of Sonic, he was hired by SEGA. I'll leave the review at this. I hope for more goo voices out of him. :)
  • Almost there, but not quite. He can\'t live up to Ryan Drummond.

    Although I respect him as doing the voices in Sonic X did he REALLY have to replace Ryan? I cringe at hearing his voice in the games because it reminds me how far SEGA has sunk.

    I will admit Jason has talent but he\'s not the perfect voice for Sonic. He sounds almost emotionless sometimes and other times exaggerated emotion(like when he says \"Eggman, again?!\" in Sonic Riders it sounded a bit exaggerated and at the same time almost emotionless).

    He needs to learn how to voice act or I\'m going to lose my head. Sonic needs a truely good voice actor like Ryan to do his voices, not someone hired by 4KIDS. What do THEY know about voice acting anyway? Nothing, exactly.

    I don't mind him being the current voice actor I just wish he'd do it more properly than I've seen done in the previous after-Sonic Heroes games.
  • Jason Griffith is good, but he will never be as good as Ryan Drummond or David Humphrey.

    I will give Jason Griffith credit for trying to do the voices of Sonic and Shadow. His voice is good, but he is no where close to being as good as the previous voice actors. He is definitely lacking the enthusiasm that Ryan Drummond put into his role. Also David Humphrey made Shadow's voice sound more darker and with better emotion. I personally think Jason Griffith should be fired, and Ryan Drummond and David Humphrey should take back their roles. I have even signed petitions in favor of that. The voice of Jet the Hawk could be better, and he isn't even close to as good as the Japanese voice actor for Jet. I personally think that his voice acting skills can use more work if he hopes to please the fans of both Sonic, Shadow, and/or Jet.
  • This guy sucks!

    OK,first of all he started to take over Sonic the Hedgehog's voice when 4Kids got the rights to dub Sonic X and then SEGA fired all the original voice actors because they were'nt from New York(PS 4Kids is a block on FOX and i think FOX is filmed in New York) and then 4Kids ruined all of Sonic X but soon a miserable thing happened 4Kids then had the rights to voice the games of course all the 4Kids voices of Sonic X are terrible but the worst one of all is this guy Jason Griffith anyone who ACTUALLY likes his Sonic voice does'nt know who a good Sonic voice is this guy makes Sonic sound girly and stupid and a freak i'll never like this guy and damn you SEGA for getting rid of the old cast just for a new crappy cast where the president of that company which the voice actors work for thinks that kids don't read. Why would they do that? I'll never know overall Jason Griffith is a retarded and stupid voice actor.
  • This guy voices the GREATEST characters of all time! Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog!

    Both of the hedgehog's voices vary so much... and you can't believe they're voiced by the same dude.

    I couldn't!

    THAT is talent. *nods* You try acting out two completely opposite characters and getting away with it! He's awesome, one of the best voice actors out there!

    Wait... he IS the best voice actor out there!

    Not to mention that the voices he contributes really match his characters. The Sonic X people couldn't have chosen better.

    Hurum... I have thirty somethin' words left to type.... Uh... I know! I'll spend the rest of my review cheering for the guy. Go Jason Anthony Griffith! Go Jason Anthony Griffith! Go Jason Anthony Griffith! Go Jason Anthony Griffith!
  • Sounds great in Sonic X.

    Jason Anthony Griffith is a fine voice for alot of characters. As Sonic, he shows a more relaxed and calmed attitude in the Blue Hedgehog, while he completely changes his tone when he speaks as Shadow. What I like about him is that he can change his tone an attitude that his voice shows in the same episode. If you didn't knew this guy, you would think that Sonic and Shadow have completely different voice actors. Also, Jason Anthony Griffith has appeared in other great shows as Mew Mew Power, and One Piece. He is not a Big shot, he's just above average
  • empty

    There are people who say that Griffith doesn't give emotion to Sonic, and he does: inappropriate sarcasm, wimpiness, phoniness, and best of all, (this is the kicker!) emotionlessness! He's not the "voice actor for Sonic;" he's the cheap replacement they gave him after zero-heartedly firing anyone and everyone with talent from the VA cast. Heck, he's not a voice actor at all; he's a fecking insult to a video game SYMBOL who's had it hard enough without Griffith. If you will openly admit that you don't care about Sonic, why do you even bother? Burn in hell, Griffith. Your Usopp sucks, too.
    Oh! Something I forgot to add the first time I wrote this: I should have also added that his Shadow is bland, emotionless (and we know that Shadow isn't emotionless), and doesn't help that "emo persona" people tend to associate with Shadow (and we know even more that he's not emo.)

    A bit of a follow-up. I've heard him doing Major Tom in Chaotic. Yeah, he can't do ANYTHING good. He still has that stupid, up-and-down speaking pattern, and doesn't sound like he's even trying. He sounds just like when he does Sonic, which is proof that he doesn't care, nor try. He's still a bad voice actor, and my rating stil stands.
  • Jason griffith has to be my favorite actor of all time!

    Not only is he talented,but he does the voice for sonic the hedgehog,my favorite video game character!He does a good job with both sonic and shadow's voices.I wish mr.jason anthony griffith good luck in sonic x and the sonic video games!I also wish him good luck voiceing sonic and shadow in the next sonic game,sonic riders!
  • He's absolutly amazing!!! I can't beleive anyone could actually not like him!

    This isn't much of a review I guess but I just think that he deserves more credit then he's getting. I think he has a really cool voice and makes the Sonic video game series even better. I haven't seen everything that he's in but I'm a fan. I think he could even do more then he does, he should be one of the huge celebrity's like... Brad Pitt and Steve Martin, the people that everyone knows. I hope that someday he will be. His voice acting is great and I think that not enough people appreciate it. He works very hard and yet goes almost completly unnoticed. Every single part he's had he has sounded different and you can tell that he really had fun with it but still worked hard. I think that his amazing voice and acting skills need to be seen and heard by the world.
  • The #@^hole that stole Sonic from the magnificent Ryan Drummond.

    This guy is like most of 4kids' other VA's.

    Greedy, Talentless, pathetic, hates kids, looooooooooves money more than anyone and anything, weak, and just plain not good. When he plays Sonic, he sounds like he got hit in the nuts which is even worse combined with 4kids and Sega of America's cheesy scripts. If I was a millionare, I'd pay Sega to fire all the new voices except for Mike Polluk since he's actually good and since Deem Bristow is gone. Amy Birnbaum (Charmy) and David Willis (Espio) are good but not as good as the old ones. Beat it Jason, we hate you.
  • Jason Griffith is a good replacement for Ryan Drummond, but not better than him.

    Jason Griffith is a good replacement for Ryan Drummond, but not better than him. I like Ryan D.'s voice acting best best, but Jason Griffith is still very excellent. it reminds me of the show "Sonic X" when I hear his voice in the Sonic games. He does very well in "Sonic X" , and I hope he continues to play Sonic's voice in that show. He also plays the voice of Shadow the Hedgehog very well.
    He makes Sonic and Shadow sound cool! He also sounds better than the "Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog" and "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog".
  • He's pretty good as Sonic's voice, but Ryan Drummond is way better.

    Jason Anthony Griffith is the voice actor for Sonic in the anime show, Sonic X. He also voices as Shadow, and he voiced for Jet in Sonic Riders. He then became the official voice actor for Sonic and Shadow when SEGA decided to replace all their video game voice actors with the Sonic X 4kids voice acting crew. Jason Griffith is good as Sonic's voice, but he isn't as good as Ryan Drummond, who was way better as Sonic's voice. This is what I think of Jason Griffith voicing as Sonic:

    - He is good as Sonic's voice, but sometimes he makes him sound less-confident, he has a good tone, but it is less energetic and youthful. But Jason Griffith is a good voice actor.
  • A terrible voice actor as Sonic the Hedgehog.

    You call this talent?! I say it's a complete mockery of Sonic the Hedgehog. He's not that good as Shadow the Hedgehog & Atticus Rhodes/Fubuki Tenjoin (from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), and he sucks as Ussop (from One Piece and thank god Sonny Strait is doing the voice as Ussop with the right voice) & Jet the Hawk. I don't know why people praise this complete inconsiderate, low-level voice actor. I mean Ryan Drummond & David Humphrey are the better voice actors as Sonic & Shadow respectively. But Jason Griffith as both Sonic & Shadow, he's more of a joke when he does both of his roles.
  • Disgraces Sonic

    This guy makes Sonic the Hedgehog sound too old.He uses the same voice just changes the pitch.he needs to try to use more energy and emotion when doing any voice.Sadly Sega has a contract with 4kids so he is in everything Sonic related.We need to get Ryan back.He was able to do the voice properly.Have you heard this guy as Usopp.He made sound like an idiot.Usopp may be a bit scared sometimes but he is smart.They need to get rid of this guy.His performances are not realistic nor believable nor do they have any of a character's attitude namely Sonic's.We need Ryan back and Jason gone.
  • Jason Griffith is okay as Sonic, but doesn't hold a candle to Ryan Drummond.

    Ryan Drummond is Sonic's best voice. He gives Sonic a cool, ready-for-anything kind of voice. Jason Griffith sounds okay, but the emotion is just not there. Sonic sounds like he doesn't care about anything. Jason Griffith makes Sonic sound lazy, instead of carefree like Ryan Drmmond. This is just another case where 4kids replaces good voice actor with their sub-par voice actors. They are taking away a very improtant role as Sonic the Hedgehog, from someone who can really voice him well, and giving the role to someone who just doesn't quite cut it instead. I'm not one of these people who can't stand Jason Griffith, I think hes okay, but there was no reason to replace Ryan Drummond, especailly when Ryan Drmmond's Sonic voice is far better than Jason Griffith's.
  • You are GREAT at the Sonic voice but I like Ryan Drummond a little bit more but, You are still a GREAT voice 8.1

    Yeah, Your Sonic voice is kinda good but I seem to like Ryan Drummond TONS more cuz he was the first voice, he has emotions, and When He gets mad he doesnt sound like he has a terrible cough so, But I still like his Sonic voice ALOT I just like Ryan Drummonds voice alot more so I give Mr. Jason Anthony Griffith an 8.1, I gave you a GOOD score cause your Sonic voice ROCKS just not like Ryan Drummonds did so, Only a few words left, umm.... I think that you are a pretty good voice actor but not for Sonic. but still a 6
  • One of the worst Sonic voices ever!

    Jason Griffith. When I heard that his performance for Sonic was horrible I decided to learn more about him and sure enough I heard that he was a jerk for anyone who didn't like him and when I heard he did Shadow I could not believe what I was hearing he sounded so rushed when it came to Shadow. Jet the hawk's performance he sounded like a parrot squakwing on peanuts. But his worst perfomance has to be Sonic's not only does he not put emotion into Sonic he makes sonic sound dorky, wimpier and slow like big the cat from sonic heroes. Jason should never do voice acting in future sonic games and Ryan should return as the rightful voice as Sonic.

    He also did Usopp and I hear it was horrible so it sounds to me Jason can't voice act to save his life anyways. So he's a bad voice actor for Sonic and should never return to the sonic ever again.
  • Love Him as Sonic

    Everyone says that time changes things...and apparently that's not too far from the truth. Initially, I loved Jason as Sonic, while readily admitting that he had some weak spots in his acting. However, having recently sat through a couple of my Sonic X's, I realized how much I really DON'T care for his acting. Don't get me wrong, I like his VOICE, just not his acting all that much. I'm sure some of his bad acting can be due to bad script or director, but a good actor, in my opinion, should be able to overcome these difficulties and at least make a performance believable. However, as always, I still have a little bit of a soft spot for Jason...he's not ALWAYS terrible ;)