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  • Definatly a lot better than before. I know I'll get a lot of tumb downs and people saying to me "YOU ARE NO SONIC FAN!!!" Well no, I'm not. I'm not reviewing Mr.Griffith as Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm reviewing him as the voice actor himself.

    Jason does has his good ones and his bad ones, one of his bad ones was his role as Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox360/PS3. He was a really up and down in his role. A bad one altogether is his Shadow the Hedgehog voice, it's a bit quiet, and emotional. He needs to work on it just a bit. May be the directors fault hoever. A good role, a phenomenal role was his voice as Mirage Leonardo in Turtles Forever. Perfect at the least, in my opinion. He does a very good job, I don't understand why he gets so hated. No, he didn't "steal" the voice of Sonic, he was hired by SEGA. I'll leave the review at this. I hope for more goo voices out of him. :)