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Jason Guy


Mobile, AL

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Jason Guy


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Jason Was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1977.


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  • Hmmm, I had to give this review a pre-made classification, so I chose "personal favorite". I think that's pretty accurate.

    I have known Jason since we were teenagers volunteering at a local radio station. He has always been one of my favorite people, and I suppose that will never change. Seeing him on a reality show was quite an experience...cool...funny...STRESSFUL...but I was overjoyed to see that Jason had not changed over the years. He really is the nice, genuine guy that everybody saw on TV. Knowing him has been a blessing, and I pray that wherever life takes him, he is safe, happy, and faithful.

    So J, if you happen to run across this - happy birthday, angel boy. Keep smiling.

    P.S. - I see that some of your bio info is wrong, but it won't let me submit any corrections 'cause I'm new member. Oh well. :)moreless
  • Sighting...

    I saw him at a bar in Chicago that I worked at. Finn McCool's. He's so freakin' hot in person!!!

    It was funny because I had to stop myself from running on the door, while I had tables to wait on, and just go jump him...LoL...

    I mean honestly, he's so sweet, loveable, HOT HOT HOT...and most likely just an all around amazing guy. Any girl who he dates is damn lucky.

    And now I'm just trying to get to 100 words so I can post this review = ) I'm almost there...almost! Not quite yet. Six words to go. There! I got it!moreless