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  • I love Jason Harris with all my heart. He is the Hottest, Sweetest, Hunkiest and Sexiest host of Double Dare 2000. I would love to meet Jason in person. Jason is an Angel, God and King.

    Here's a special poem that I wrote about Jason:

    J is for Jazzy
    A is for Angel
    S is for Sexy
    O is for Outstanding
    N is for Nice

    H is for Hunk
    A is for Adorable
    R is for Really wonderful
    R is for Really gorgeous
    I is for Irresistible
    S is for Sweet

    Here's another poem about Jason:

    When I first heard his gorgeous voice
    I knew I had no choice.
    Some people may think that he is odd
    But I think that he is a Sex God.
    He's my everything
    I also think that he's a Sex King.
    There is something that I want you to know
    Jason is the one with that sweet golden glow.