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    • Was number 72 on VH1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars." (2005)

    • Married to former adult film star Angel Hart.

    • Jason and Fred Savage were reunited after having not seen each other in over 10 years when they did a guest appearance playing, of all things, two brothers who were also superheroes on "Justice League" (2001) in an episode titled "Hawk & Dove". Ironically, Fred voiced the older, more aggressive brother, Hank Hall/Hawk, while Jason voiced the younger, more docile brother, Don Hall/Dove, a complete reversal of their roles on "The Wonder Years" (1988), even though it was originally intended for Jason to voice the older brother and Fred the younger brother.

    • Said that his character Wayne was so hated that once a guy approached him in a bar and said, "I used to have a brother like you" and then punched him in the face.

    • His stepson, Tyler, was born 1989/90.

    • He's got twins, Shaina and Samuel, born in 2000.

    • Co-owns a TV production company in Los Angeles.

    • He plays ice hockey, for example in an NHL Celebrity All-Star Game on 3 Dec 1995 in San José and 20 January 1996 in Boston.

    • Jason Hervey gave his voice to a Sega Saturn game called "Return to Zork".

    • Filed lawsuit against Las Vegas wedding chapel for selling his wedding pictures to a tabloid. [October 1999]

    • Based his characterization of bullying older brother Wayne on "Wonder Years" on his own older brother, who liked to taunt him whenever he could. In one episode where Wayne keeps stopping and forwarding a car so Kevin can't get in, this is one of many things that Jason's own brother did to him.

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