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  • Absolutely gorgeous!

    Jason is alot of other things as well, but he's definitely not hard on the eyes. Oh, and those eyes! He's lovely. I could watch him in any role.

    What's nice though is he's not only gorgeous, he's also a d*mned good actor. Especially as a villian, which has made him rather famous over the last decade. First as the wicked Colonel Tavington in The Patriot opposite Mel Gibson, then recently as the deliciously evil Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

    I enjoy watching Jason's work, and I hope to continue seeing him in as many future films as possible. Hopefully in Harry Potter!!!

    (Since there is two guides for Jason, I am repeating my review for both.)
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    Jason is an absolutely amazing actor. He is so believable in everything he does, good guy or bad guy. I love his villain roles, he is just so perfect. Not only that, but he is bloody gorgeous! I just love to look at him, I'll watch a movie if he's in it no matter what it's about just so I can look at him, then I'll just skip to his parts, which are always the best.
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    Jason Isaacs is my favourite british actor. His Role as Colonel Tavington in the patriot both gave me alot of respect for him and helped me dispise him. He suits the role of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies it is just a pity the movies themselves are quite lackluster