Jason Jones

Jason Jones


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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He is married to Samantha Bee of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart".


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jason's first appearance on the big screen was in the 1995 film "Midnight Temptations."

    • Jason is the second "Daily Show" correspondent not born in the United States; the first was his wife, Samantha Bee.

    • When he was relatively unknown on "The Daily Show," Jason gathered a significant following due to his pieces on New Jersey slogans, his new daughter, and planned communities.

    • Jason's official title on "The Daily Show" is Senior Correspondent. He was promoted to this position while filling in for his wife when she was on family leave.

    • Jason took the place of his wife on "The Daily Show" when she left for family leave in 2005. She returned to the show nearly a year later to work alongside her husband.

    • In 2003, Jason appeared in TV commercials for Budweiser. He was in two short films entitled "The Best Man" and "The Company Man," and he played a character named Greg Gregger.

    • In 2005, Jason appeared in a TV commercial for Macy's.

    • Jason, whose biological father is a cobbler, often sports his father's designs.

    • Jason is a strict nightshade-free Vegan.

    • Jason was a member of The Bobroom, a Canadian comedy troupe.

    • Jason has been married to fellow "Daily Show" correspondent Samantha Bee since 2001.

    • Jason minored in Botany when he attended the Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto.

    • Jason has been nominated for three awards: one Canadian Comedy Award each for his acting and writing in "Ham & Cheese" (a Canadian comedy) in 2005 and one Canadian Comedy Award for his writing for "The Bobroom" (a Canadian sketch comedy show) in 2001.

    • Jason was a major part of the theatre program when he attended Hill Park Secondary School in his hometown of Hamilton.

    • Jason's nicknames include "J-Squared" and "Horseballs."

    • Jason is well-trained in music - he is a conservatory-trained cellist.

    • Jason is only the second Canadian born correspondent on "The Daily Show." His wife, Samantha Bee, is the first.

    • He is an avid rock, mineral and fossil collector.

    • His wife, Samantha Bee, gave birth to a baby girl named Piper Bee-Jones

  • Quotes

    • Jason: (in his "Daily Show" segment on the real "Laguna Beach") I had learned one thing: Reality is just life...without school, fat people, poverty, rain, or herpes.

    • Jason: (in an interview examining the "dangers" of gays in the military) I know I'd rather die in a terrorist attack than suffer through an uncomfortable shower with a gay....know what I'm saying?

    • Jason: (after Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said that the Arnold Schwarzenneger training video was fascinating) You're not the Gay Governor, are you?

  • We should have numbers instead of proper names.

    I made Jason Jones cool, before Jason Jones was cool.

    You git. Where do you get off stealing my moniker? If you weren't so goddamn funny, I'd send you a box of half-eaten candies.

    You should at least see what the other Jason Jones is doing.


    Stay classy and don't fuck up.

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