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  • A great Dallas Maverick, Jason Kidd will always be remembered as one of the greatest passers in NBA history.

    Though rarely had big scoring outbursts of 20 or more points a game, Jason Kidd will be remembered in other ways. Collecting over 10,000 assists in his great career that is still going strong, Jason will always be remembered as one of the best passers in the NBA's history. He was always on his toes, and despite growing to only about 6'2", he had great eyes, a strong arm, and sneaky stealing abilities.

    Some people think the name of the game is just scoring. Although, I also like to check the boxscores for players who scored 35, 40, 45 points, I also love those great defensive moments where, somebody, such as Jason Kidd, would make a clutch steal to either end the game, or give his team the ball in a chance to win the game. Or maybe a double-double, with points and assists, or maybe even a triple-double, in which he has over a hundred of in his career. He's one of the best rebounding guards in NBA history, too.

    But anyways, I also love to see those playmakers. Jason Kidd is a great playmaker. It's a shame he is yet to win an NBA championship, because he surely deserves one. Currently at about 35, Kidd has limited years left, before he retires. He NEEDS a title ring.
  • Started as a Dallas Maverick.. went to New Jersey, and now may just end up a Mav once again.

    Jason Kidd is an awesome player. Despite not being the tallest player in the league, he can go in there and rack up some boards. Points, well, he IS an awesome three point shooter to say the least. And what is that other thing? Oh yeah. ASSISTS!!! Why do I put 'assists' in all caps? Well maybe it is because he is one of the league leaders in assists, with just over 10, actually closer to ten and a half, but just saying.. He also leads the league with 14 triple doubles. The rest of the league has 17 triple doubles combined! Jason Kidd is already averaging a double double in points and assists, and rebounds, he just needs maybe fifteen good rebounding games to get him a triple double average. He has 8.1 rebounds per game coming into the All-Star Break. Did I mention he is also part of the starting lineup for the Eastern Conference in the 2008 All-Star Game? Well duh!!

    And to think he started out as a Dallas Maverick, then was soon traded to the New Jersey Nets. But a ridiculous trade between the two teams could send two Nets, including Jason Kidd, to the Dallas Mavericks for five different players, Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Desagana Diop and Maurice Ager. The final one, Devean George is what is stopping the trade from happening. But do you think it'd be better for both teams if this trade happened?