Jason Lee (I)

Jason Lee (I)


Orange, California, USA

Birth Name

Jason Michael Lee



Also Known As

Dennis Pepper and Linus Peacock
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  • Jason Lee on Memphis Beat.
  • Jason Lee on Memphis Beat.
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Born in Orange, California, USA but raised in Huntington Beach, California, USA. A good-looking good with a flair for comedy, Lee became a professional skateboarder in his teens. He segued to acting in his twenties with a supporting role in Kevin Smith's 1995 comedy Mallrats. The movie went…more


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    • Jason: Celebrities say they date other celebrities because they have the same job. But I think they just like dating famous people. Celebrities attract each other, like cattle.

    • Jason Lee: I was never going to be Joe College. I didn't even finish high school.

    • Jason: I wasn't a kid who moved out from Iowa with aspirations of becoming a famous star-I was intrigued by the idea of filmmaking and by the idea of what it would be like to play a character in a movie.

    • Jimmy Kimmel asked Jason what people say to him when he asks to take their picture

      Jason: Honey get out here Earl wants to take our picture.

    • Jason (on fatherhood): It's an amazingly beautiful thing. The surprising thing is that you never get used to it. I mean, some people do, sure, but I've never really gotten used to it. I'm still blown away every time I look at Pilot. I'm partly responsible for that person existing - it's such a strange concept. But he really drives me.

    • Jason (on what he has in common with his character Earl Hickey): I try to do the right thing. I've got a good heart and I'm a good guy at the end of the day.

    • Jason (on his popularity at school): I was a little nerdy, but I got along with everybody. I had fun at school - skateboarding, surfing, getting kicked out of class for making too much noise.

    • Jason (The worst injury he received when he was a professional skateboarder): I chipped my pelvis, which was brutal, and I couldn't walk for a couple of weeks - all they could give me were crutches. I snapped my wrist in half. I cut my legs open and had to get a lot of stitches...

    • Jason (how he came up with his son's name, Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee): His mum came up with Pilot… and I said, "I love it!" [laughs]. A friend of ours came up with Inspektor. I said, "God, if my name was Inspektor I'd be the coolest kid at school. So we'll make it his middle name.

    • Jason (asked if he has his own list of things to do before he dies): It's probably more things to do with my son, and things that I want to make sure to accomplish, places I want to make sure to go to, and experiences and a life for my son. That kind of thing.

    • Jason Lee (on "giving the finger" in traffic): It's how we stay connected in L.A.

    • Jason Lee [on his performance as a rock star in Almost Famous (2000)]: I wanted to be very serious about being a musician -- a guy who cares a lot about the music and the band and why we did it in the first place. We wanted to show an actual passion on stage with the intent of turning on the audience.

    • Jason Lee: Mumford more than any movie marked the turning point ... That was the first time where I really changed my mannerisms, my speech mannerisms, the way I talked, the way I carried myself.

    • Jason Lee (on My Name Is Earl): I can be out on location, it feels just like being on a film set. So it definitely took a lot for me to decide, but I'm glad I decided to do it.

    • Jason Lee: I wanted to be looked at for the skateboarder that I was. I didn't want to be the 36-year-old skateboarder who's still holding on while owning a company at the same time. I wanted to make my mark and travel and accomplish a few things here and there and then get out.

  • Very good actor

    I think that this man knows talent and how to act in almost any roll. He did a very good job in My Name is Earl (which deserved a finale if you asked me) and I can tell he does his job with ease.
  • he's cool

    Most of you probably only know him from my name is earl. and that's okay, but i became an even bigger fan of him when i looked him up in wikipedia. of course his acting career is great, he's really funny and all.

    But did you know he was a pro-skater in the late 80's and early 90's? He was one of the most influent skateboarders ever! He and danny way are considered the best. that means he's is even better than tony hawk!

    And it's funny to see how a career can suddenly change, i mean from skateboarder to actor. that unusual. but cool.

    just wanna let you know: he is AWESOME!moreless