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  • Very good actor

    I think that this man knows talent and how to act in almost any roll. He did a very good job in My Name is Earl (which deserved a finale if you asked me) and I can tell he does his job with ease.
  • he's cool

    Most of you probably only know him from my name is earl. and that's okay, but i became an even bigger fan of him when i looked him up in wikipedia. of course his acting career is great, he's really funny and all.
    But did you know he was a pro-skater in the late 80's and early 90's? He was one of the most influent skateboarders ever! He and danny way are considered the best. that means he's is even better than tony hawk!
    And it's funny to see how a career can suddenly change, i mean from skateboarder to actor. that unusual. but cool.

    just wanna let you know: he is AWESOME!
  • Jason Lee is a great actor. Every time he I watch him, I can see his talent......................................................

    Jason Lee is a great actor. Every time he I watch him, I can see his talent. He is great on my name is earl and he's also a good producer. Jason Lee is also one of the most funniest people I have ever watched. He also has a great voice and thats what made his movie underdog so entertaining and funny. It can really be seen that every role that Jason Lee play's, he studies it and tries to make his acting skill as good and entertaining as possible. You can see I think he's a great actor so I gave Jason Lee a 10.
  • one of the best actors ever

    he is one of my favourite actors he can play nearly any part he is funny and one of the most talented actors around i love everyone of his movies and his show my name is earl is one of the best shows around whos ever does not like this actor does not know a talented actor his 3 top movies are a guy thing underdog and last but not least alvin and the chipmunks trust me give this actor a chance you wont regret it he is an excellent actor you wont be sorry he is the best around
  • From Mallrat to Household Name

    When I first saw Jason Lee in mallrats I knew stright away that this was not the regular Hollywood actor and was destined for something great. Many years on and my thoughts are proven. Jason Lee has starred in movies with some of Hollywoods greats and is desreved a place of his own. From co star roles with Tom Cruise to multi(funny)part roles in Kevin Smiths "Universe" he has shown a lot of talent and flexibility. And now we finally have him at his best as the (anti)hero Earl. I believe that if this series had been cast with any other actor it would not be the current succes it is.
    Long Live Earl and Long Live Jason Lee :)
  • This Mallrat has made quite the career out of being goofy.

    Jason Lee has had a very good life as an actor. He has a genuine charm that makes his comedy seem sincere. When I saw Mallrats and learned how much damage a chocholate covered peanut could do to you I was hooked. His work with Kevin Smith is when you see Jason shine pretty bright. He is witty and probobly doesn't get as much credit for his talent as he should. In Dogma he was good but then he totally reinvented himself with my name is earl. The show has a unique storyline and I couldn't imagine anyone besides Jason playing Earl. Job well done Jason.
  • empty

    I think that he is really cool. He has a lot of wide and different roles, and that is good for an actor. I really like him in My Name is Earl and I think that he was the perfect for that role, and I also enjoy him as a voice over in movies like The Incredibles and Monster House. He is simply one awesome actor.
  • empty

    Jason Lee has gone from playing great roles in obscure cult films to playing a leading character in a very well regarded prime time television show. I'd certainly say that he deserves a lot of credit for this. Not only is he a fantastic comedic actor, but he has also proven that he can take on more serious and dramatic roles.
  • Not only is My Name is Earl funny, it has a unique humanity. I don't think a lesser actor would be able to pull it off.

    From his earlier days in Mallrats, (he was one of the brighter spots in that film), he stood out. As Banky in Chasing Amy, he was truly stellar as the homophobic comic book writer. He was funny beyond measure. He was wickedly evil as Azrael in Dogma. Deliciously smarmy in Jersey Girl. With each role he has gotten better and better. That's why I was so surprised last year when I heard he was starring in a TV series. Boy, I'm glad he chose to do this series.

    Not only is My Name is Earl funny, it has a unique humanity. I don't think a lesser actor would be able to pull it off.
  • A great and very underappreciated actor...

    I have become a huge fan of Jason Lee. I had heard about him for a long time, and I knew he was in several of Kevin Smith's films, and once I became hooked on his television series "My Name is Earl", I became more interested in his film career.

    While often regulated to the role of the sidekick, Lee has had a few starring roles in films. He has an easy-going charm, and even if the movie is somewhat sub-par(such as "A Guy Thing") or even downright awful("Stealing Harvard"), Lee has the ability to win you over. His performances are always strong. I can honestly say the only performance he ever turned in that came even remotely close to disappointing me was in "Heartbreakers". His delivery of the line "You really are a delicate flower" to Jennifer Love Hewitt just made me cringe. But his ability to draw the viewer in and make them care about the character he is playing is amazing. It can be a subtle look he gives, the way he smiles, or the how he delivers a line that shows what a talented and unique actor he is. One minute he can make you laugh until you hurt, and then turn around and show an entirely different side that could bring a tear to your eye. He can do comedy as easily as he can do drama (his character Banky Edwards in "Chasing Amy", which won him an Independent Spirit Award, is a prime example). Even when Lee is playing the heartbroken sidekick, you sympathisize with him because he plays it with such genuine honesty that it\'s never sappy or contrived.

    I hope that his success in "My Name is Earl" leads to many more roles for it's very talented star. I would love to see him branch out in to other types of roles. I think Lee's Independent Spirit Award will just be the first of many accolades the actor will recieve.

    He is a fantastic actor, and if you get the chance, check out some of his other roles. "Earl" is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing Jason Lee.
  • He is a very good actor. He is very well rounded in acting. I think that he is underrated a little and should get more and more big feature films.

    He is a great actor but his underrated a little. His tv show is doing very very well and I think thats because of him. He really gets in to his character. I beleive he should start getting parts in big feature films with Hollywood's top actors. He is also very good at writing. He was awesome in Jay and Silent Bob which I think was from Clerks. He made a big jump from being a professional skateboarder to being on of tv's most watched shows on tv right now. His show was renewed for a second season because of its great rating and I hope to see more of him in films.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ever since my name is earl Jason Lee has benn my favorite actor. He is great and funny. I love him he should be in more shows. I think if he was in any show I would watch him even if his in a bad show. I think his great.
  • Jason Lee is an professional skateboarder turned actor. Kind of strange, isn't is?

    He tried his hand at acting and liked it. A very good thing for you and me. He's starred in many popular Kevin Smith films. After many years of acting in movies, he tried out a TV series. My Name Is Earl is now one of the most watched shows on Tuesday nights. Jason Lee can play just about any role, and play it well. He has an amazing range of acting abilities. Although he has never really been honored for his acting through awards, he has a small following of loyal fans. Jason has been getting more successful with each of his movie roles and will hopefully one day be given the recognition he deserves. Lee will be around for a long time.
  • Genious, simply genious.

    When talking about Jason Lee, you can mention other comic greats. Danny Kaye, Jackie Gleason, etc. He has a magnetic personality that is both larger than life and down to earth at the same time. My all time favorite role was Brodie in Mallrats. The part seemed to have been written for him. Subsequently more Kevin Smith films would have role written for him. Sometimes I think he would have been a better Randal in Clerks, but maybe that's going too far. Lee has a sense of timing when mixed with his facial expressions and boisterous emotions give him the start to superstardom.

    He is the new king of media.

    Hail to the King Baby!!!