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  • A great and very underappreciated actor...

    I have become a huge fan of Jason Lee. I had heard about him for a long time, and I knew he was in several of Kevin Smith's films, and once I became hooked on his television series "My Name is Earl", I became more interested in his film career.

    While often regulated to the role of the sidekick, Lee has had a few starring roles in films. He has an easy-going charm, and even if the movie is somewhat sub-par(such as "A Guy Thing") or even downright awful("Stealing Harvard"), Lee has the ability to win you over. His performances are always strong. I can honestly say the only performance he ever turned in that came even remotely close to disappointing me was in "Heartbreakers". His delivery of the line "You really are a delicate flower" to Jennifer Love Hewitt just made me cringe. But his ability to draw the viewer in and make them care about the character he is playing is amazing. It can be a subtle look he gives, the way he smiles, or the how he delivers a line that shows what a talented and unique actor he is. One minute he can make you laugh until you hurt, and then turn around and show an entirely different side that could bring a tear to your eye. He can do comedy as easily as he can do drama (his character Banky Edwards in "Chasing Amy", which won him an Independent Spirit Award, is a prime example). Even when Lee is playing the heartbroken sidekick, you sympathisize with him because he plays it with such genuine honesty that it\'s never sappy or contrived.

    I hope that his success in "My Name is Earl" leads to many more roles for it's very talented star. I would love to see him branch out in to other types of roles. I think Lee's Independent Spirit Award will just be the first of many accolades the actor will recieve.

    He is a fantastic actor, and if you get the chance, check out some of his other roles. "Earl" is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing Jason Lee.