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Jason London

Jason London


11/7/1972, San Diego, California, USA

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Jason London, an American actor, was born on November 7, 1972, in San Diego, California. His father, Frank London was a sheet metal worker and his mother, Debbie Osborn, a waitress. London grew up in Oklahoma, Texas with his mother and five siblings following the divorce of his…more


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  • A great choice for "The man in the moon".

    Jason London did a incredible job in the 1991 production of "The Man in the Moon", co-starring with Reese Witherspoon, Emily Warfield and Gail Strickland. He played a very believable, confused teen (Court Foster) living next door to 2 girls - a 14-yr-old named Dani (Reese Witherspoon) and a 17-yr-old named Maureen (Emily Warfield). After meeting Dani first and slightly falling for her, he kisses her, only to meet Maureen soon after. They share an instant bond and behind Maureens family's backs, they date and end up sleeping together. Then, the day after, while Court is plowing the fields on his tractor, he reached over to retrieve his hat off a tree branch where he had left it the night before. He leaned too far and fell off the tractor, under the blades, dying. Both girls are devestated, but make up when Dani finds Maureen crying on Court's grave.

    It is an incredibly touching story, and one made all the better by Jason's immaculate acting talent.moreless
  • I love him soo much! I saw him in Sherlock Holmes and all of my friends and I were fawning over him!

    I love him soo much! I saw him in Sherlock Holmes and all of my friends and I were fawning over him! And now I find out his twin is on 7th Heaven, eerie.

    My friends and I were so upset when we found out he was married, all of the good ones are.