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    • Jason: (On his home improvement skills) I'm quite the handyman - I've been slowly doing up my house room by room. I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. I find it therapeutic. It's quite removed from my career, and I like getting my hands dirty.

    • Jason: (Discussing how he got on with his co-stars of Cutting It just before the airing of the second series of the show) Ben and I really get on great. He's an incredible actor and incredibly funny. Sarah and Ben should have their own comedy show! We have a laugh on set; we really do have a ball. We know what we're doing with these characters now and our friendship off screen certainly helps. We really partied in the first year; it was like being a fresher in the first year of university.

    • Jason: (Answering a question about what has been the most life altering event in his life) Having children has been my biggest life change. Ultimately, it has made me less selfish. I was in my early 20s when I first became a father, and it was a wonderful thing. You may be working on a great TV drama, but then an hour later you're back home, changing nappies. Your life becomes less about you. Before kids, there was always the chance I could end up in a gutter with a can of Special Brew. But that's not even a possibility now.

    • Jason: (His thoughts on William Shakespeare) At school discovering Shakespeare was brilliant - suddenly here was something I could get my teeth into. And, as a teenager, it was rewarding to realise I had a modicum of talent in both understanding and performing Shakespeare. His work has so much to offer. It opens your mind, it's beautiful and you re-evaluate him each time you see his plays. He's continually interesting – for example, the supposedly lighter plays reveal much more depth than you expect at first reading.Academics pour over Shakespeare, but we shouldn't forget that, as well as being a great poet, he was primarily in the business of creating popular, fast turnover theatre.

    • Jason: (On the what decided him to leave Waterloo Road) I had had enough. I'd done everything I could do with my character. They were repeating themselves in the writing. It was time to leave. There was a great cast it was just one of those things. It was getting more and more soapy, which is not something I really want to do.

    • Jason: (On what he likes about directing for the theater) Control. Power. I like to make a whole story work. That interests me.

    • Jason: (On doing nude scenes) They don't bother me too much, but I'm quite a shy person. In reality, it's all quite technical and not especially sexual. I'm not the sort of actor who would have a clause written into my contract to say I can't do nude scenes. If the role demands it, I don't mind.

    • Jason (On what he thinks the general attitude on men towards love is) I don't think men in general wear their heart on their sleeves, they are conditioned to hide their emotions. It's part of being male you don't cry, don't moan you just get on with things.

    • Jason: (On how relevant the school is in Waterloo Road) It deals with serious social and educational issues. The school isn't a convenient backdrop, it's an integral part of the story.

    • Jason: (On his character Phil in Queer as Folk (UK)) I was so proud to be a part of it. I had this huge gay following too, I found out afterwards. Gay men would come up to me to tell me my character, Phil, was their ideal man. I suppose a lot of men identified with him. He was very different from the characters played by Aidan Gillen and Craig Kelly, who were more like sexy movie stars. I was bigger back then and camp. And let's face it, a lot of those guys are camp, so they loved him.

    • Jason: (On appearing with his brother Simon while touring with A Comedy of Errors for the Royal Shakespeare Company) We are pretty close – it's a bit of a dream job for us both. My character is searching for his lost brother but my brother's character doesn't know he has a lost brother or mother.

    • Jason: (Talking about what teacher from high school inspired him) My English teacher, Mr Patrick was really inspiring. He showed me through literature how everything is connected; arts, politics, culture etc.